Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill

Full 82 Chapter (End)

Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill

Shiraishi Arata

Action, Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life


Japanese Novel



Delicious food and sake.

And if pressed by beautiful girls, shouldn’t you be honest with yourself and make a harem?

That’s the creed of an uncle who was teleported to another world and decided to relax and farm.

He and his brides are very satisfied with the food cooked with Japanese seasonings. The cooking ingredients of that world are delicious but his crops are delicious too.

“Tatsuya-san, do you hate having fun with us?”

“Not at all.”

This is a story of a man spending his time eating delicious food and having fun with girls.

Today’s dragon steak is as delicious as ever.

List of Chapters
List of Chapters
Chapter 1 - Left Behind By The Heroes’ Group
Chapter 2 - Cheat Skill Suddenly Activated
Chapter 3 - Rabbit Beastkin Eats Carrot On Crotch (I)
Chapter 4 - Rabbit Beastkin Eats Carrot On Crotch (II)
Chapter 5 - The Race Called Hand Riding Rabbit (1)
Chapter 6 - The Race Called Hand Riding Rabbit (II)
Chapter 7 - Hunting An S Rank Bird Monster, Karaage Party Night (I)
Chapter 8 - Karaage Party Night (II)
Chapter 9 - Dream Demon
Chapter 10 - It Looks Like I’ve Been Scammed. Let’s Go To The City
Chapter 11 - While Hiking To The City, A Dragon Was Killed
Chapter 12 - As Soon As We Arrived At The Guild, It Was Decided That We’ll Hunt A Disaster
Chapter 13 - Melancholy Of The Adventurer King
Chapter 14 - The Dismantler’s Reaction Is Movie Level
Chapter 15 - Dragon Steak Nano Desu, Everyone Is Very Satisfied
Chapter 16 - It Was Supposed To Be A Punishment But It Became Something Else, I Don’t Dislike It Of Course
Chapter 17 - The Demon King
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20 - Certified Treasure Of The Demon King
Chapter 21 - A Maid Came To My House
Chapter 22 - I Don’t Dislike Maid
Chapter 23 - The Bath Is Ready
Chapter 24 - Shampoo Treatment Makes Girls Happy After All
Chapter 25 - To The Elf Village
Chapter 26 - To The Elf Village II
Chapter 27 - Fighting Against The Elf Village I
Chapter 28 - Forest’s Little Children Gang
Chapter 29 - This Time, The Opponent Is An Honorable Elf
Chapter 30 - Elf Queen
Chapter 31 - Elf Is Erofu, Terrible Pun
Chapter 32 - Everyone Went In The Small Bath Together
Chapter 33 - We Arrived At The Dwarf Village And Then, Go To A Dungeon
Chapter 34 - Oya….? What’s Wrong With The Boku Dwarf Girl…?
Chapter 35 - Apologies To All Miyamoto
Chapter 36 - Apologies To All Miyamoto
Chapter 37 - Hyper Penance Time! You Little Bastard Needs To Dogeza Before God Anubis!
Chapter 38 - Do You Know That Even An Ambassador Can Be Damaged By An N2 Mine?
Chapter 39 - The Finale Is Chanko Nabe Desu Yo♪
Chapter 40 - The Finale Is Chanko Nabe 2
Chapter 41 - All Characters In This Novel Are Over 18 Years Old (Absolute Truth)
Chapter 42 - Furnace For Me, Furnace Complete, Furnace It Is(Unknown Poet)
Chapter 43 - Wanting To Do A Lot Of Things
Chapter 44 - Of Course, A Shadow In Battle!
Chapter 45 - The Most Normal Character
Chapter 46 - Everyone’s Head And Crotch Are Loose But They Are Good People Desu Yo♪
Chapter 47 - Who Is Stronger Between The Demon King And Tatsuya?
Chapter 48 - Battle’s Always Easy
Chapter 49 - The Receptionist, Again
Chapter 50 - The Dismantling Shop. Again
Chapter 51 - It’s Sad That I Can No Longer Eat Raw Liver Desu
Chapter 52 - The Kaiser Dragon’s Liver Was Dangerous
Chapter 53 - They’re Going To Explore A Dungeon
Chapter 54 - The Legendary Hero’s Sword Has Been Cashed
Chapter 55 - Isekai Light Truck With Elves
Chapter 58 - Apologies To All Miyamoto
Chapter 59 - No One Can Calculate Because Their Heads Are Loose
Chapter 60 - Uncle And JK
Chapter 61 - Slaughter Picnic Nano Desu Yo♪
Chapter 63 - The Demon King Has Come, Surrounded By Zombies, Hopelessness
Chapter 64 - The Strongest Man Is Going To Fight
Chapter 65 - I Can’t Be With High School Girls
Chapter 66 - I Don’t Dislike High School Girls At All
Chapter 67 - Alchemy Nano Desu
Chapter 68 - The Little Girl
Chapter 69 - Let’s Make Ramen
Chapter 70 - Modern Chemistry Alchemy. I’m Not A Bad Hand Riding Rabbit!
Chapter 71 - Fox Ears And Spices
Chapter 72 - Fox Ears And Spices, Continuation
Chapter 73 - Miyamoto, Again
Chapter 74 - Paisen’s Here! Now We Can Beat Anything Aside From The Demon King!
Chapter 75 - Miyamoto Picks Up The Demon King. And Succeeded Using Sweets
Chapter 76 - Miyamoto! Bastard, You Angered Me!
Chapter 78 - Miyamoto! Bastard, You Angered Ouroboros!
Chapter 79 - Miyamoto! Bastard, You Angered The Demon King!
Chapter 80 - Yes Lolita No Touch
Chapter 81 - And The Slow Life Continues
Chapter 82 - And The Slow Life Continues (2)
SS - Swimsuit! Dried Squid! Demon King’s Little Sister! 1
Omake 1 - Monologue Of A Low Ranker
Omake 2 - Ouroboros And The Demon King’s Hayashi Rice
Omake 3 - Let’s Take A Bath Together
Final - Chapter - And The Slow Life Continues (3)