Young master fus incredible real heiress – Chapter 390

Chapter 390: He Came And Left

It really was Du Xian’s assistant.

Before Ling Yida could step forward, Andrew had already gotten into the car and left.

Yao Jiahong took the things back and passed them to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took it. “Thank you.”

“That Andrew…” Ling Yida’s lips moved.” Do you know him? ”

“No,” Shi Jin answered honestly. “He’s here to deliver something for a friend.”

Ling Yida had been to the International Ancient Chinese Medicine Hospital before, but had never seen Andrew, let alone Du Xian.

Andrew came to help deliver things?

“What about Du Xian?”

“My friend,” Shi Jin said.

Ling Yida’s mouth fell open.


Hu Hao was sitting opposite Zhang Fengnian, reading documents.

He received a WeChat message.

Zhang Fengnian said, “What are you doing? Have you finished reading the documents?”

“Director Zhang, someone said that they saw Andrew.”

“One of Du Xian’s assistants?” Zhang Fengnian’s eyes lit up. “Is he here for something? Is he here specifically to select talents? Did Principal Ling receive him?”

“I don’t know. Someone saw him by chance. Do you think it’s Andrew?” Hu Hao showed him the photo.

After Zhang Fengnian confirmed his identity, he was very excited. “That’s right. Follow me to Principal Ling’s side and see if we can meet him. It would be great if we could meet him. So far, only by getting close to Du Xian’s assistant can we get a chance to meet Du Xian in person.”

Hu Hao was especially excited and followed him.

Ouyang Ping was not good at doing such things. He could only watch them pass.

When Zhang Fengnian reached Ling Yida’s office, he carefully knocked on the door and found Ling Yida drinking tea.

“Principal Ling.” Zhang Fengnian was disappointed to see no one else in the office.

“What’s up?” Ling Yida asked.

Zhang Fengnian didn’t want to directly say that he wanted to meet Du Xian, so he said, “Nothing, I just heard that Du Xian might have arranged for someone to come to school. I came to take a look.”

“He came and left.” Ling Yida had no choice, but to come back to drink tea to calm himself down.

Recalling Shi Jin’s situation just now, Principal Ling was deep in thought.

Zhang Fengnian was also somewhat disappointed. Seeing this, he could only say, “Oh, what a pity.”

He could only walk out with Hu Hao. When he saw Shi Jin’s nanny van passing by and driving towards the school gate, he retracted his gaze without looking at it.

While Shi Jin was in the car, Du Xian’s messages came one after another. “Little ancestor, did you get the package?”

“I got it. It looks good. I’ll try planting it now.”

“This is not easy to plant. We’ve been working in the laboratory for so long, but we’ve only managed to cultivate this one. It wasn’t easy to collect this seed.”

“Oh, I’ll take it easy,” Shi Jin said.

Du Xian sent another message: “If you manage to grow a lot, you must leave some for me.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll have your share.”

“Hehe, how’s your new school?”

“Not bad.”

“I told you to come to my side to assist you. No, it’s me assisting you, but you refused to come. You insisted on going to that school to learn. What are you thinking?”

Shi Jin thought of the library in the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It had a lot of ancient Chinese medical documents and books that were not available to outsiders. She knew she was not wasting time as everyone thought.

Just the entry pass of this library was worth her coming to the school.

Many fans found out about Shi Jin reporting to school today. However, Wen Yongwei was the most glorious person today.

She had been accepted into the screenplay and directing major of the Imperial Capital University and made a big deal out of it.

After all, the Imperial Capital University was one of the top universities in the country. It was the dream of many.


After Shi Jin returned, Zhou Xu was still busy in the backyard of Orchid Pavilion. He only stopped when he carefully placed the last shovelful of soil at the spot Shi Jin had indicated.

Shi Jin took out the frostbloom seed.

Du Xian called right on time. “Shi Jin, turn on the video. I want to watch you plant it.”

Helpless, Shi Jin accepted the video call request.

Zhou Xu did not leave either. Shi Jin casually placed the seeds into the soil that Zhou Xu had prepared.

Du Xian almost spat out a mouthful of blood. “Is this how you plant it? Aren’t you going to check the temperature, humidity, and soil conditions? Aren’t you going to record data?”

Zhou Xu also agreed with Du Xian. This kind of seed should be treated carefully. He asked in a low voice, “Do you need me to get the equipment?”

For example, many precious plants should be planted under the supervision of professionals and professional instruments to observe the growth of each type.

“No need,” said Shi Jin. She had already placed all the seeds quickly.

Zhou Xu glanced at the plants on the side that were all growing well. Alright, it seemed like Shi Jin really did not need them.

Du Xian was busy screen recording and no longer fussed over how Shi Jin did it. In any case, he just had to do whatever Shi Jin did and it would be fine.

After Shi Jin finished planting, Zhou Xu bade farewell and left.

She went to the washroom to wash her hands and her phone lit up. It was a message from Su Ying.

She sounded very sincere. “Shi Jin, my allergies have almost completely disappeared after using the ointment you gave me. It’s very good. May I ask where you bought it? Can I buy some more?”

“It’s fine. I’ll bring you two boxes the next time you come to the film set. It isn’t for sale outside.”

Su Ying trusted her and said, “Thank you. I’ll treat you to a meal next time.”


Butler Chen brought a parcel over.

Yao Jiahong checked it first and asked, “It looks like it was sent by a fan? How did they get this address?”

Butler Chen shook his head.

Shi Jin said calmly, “I left the address of the nearby street for my fans. Occasionally, they would send things over. Butler Chen retrieves it for me.”

Initially, she did not want it. However, one of her fans had once sent her a rare orchid diagram. He even said that he had an ancient book like this and was willing to give it to Shi Jin. Hence, Shi Jin left him an address.

After hearing her explanation, Yao Jiahong checked the package one more time and passed it to her.

Yao Jiahong had an impression of this fan. He was called “A Man Like the Wind.” Every time something happened to Shi Jin, he would be the first to step in to defend her. He had a high ranking among her fans.

Shi Jin took the parcel and opened it. This time, it was still an ancient book. It looked quite old.

This kind of book was hard to find. Shi Jin had collected quite a lot of books herself, but this fan was actually able to find what she didn’t have. He was impressive.

This gift could be considered extremely valuable. Including the previous ancient orchid book, this was the second one.

If it was any other gift, Shi Jin would not have accepted it.

Yao Jiahong could tell that this book was extraordinary. “Do you want to accept it?”

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