Young master fus incredible real heiress – Chapter 388

Chapter 388: Could She Have Been Disfigured?!

“You need to rest for at least seven to eight days. You can’t dye your hair anymore either. We’ll see the situation after you’ve stabilized.”

“I’ve always used that hair dye before. It’s the most stable one I’ve ever used.”

The doctor said, “It’s hard to say. Sometimes, when your immune system is weak, you will suddenly become allergic to things that you were not allergic to. You have super sensitive skin. I’ve said it many times, you must be careful. You can’t put on makeup anymore.”

Su Ying did not say anything else. This doctor was the best one around.

Her skin problems would be worse without him.

When she got into the car, her manager said worriedly, “Su Ying, we can’t delay the skincare event any longer. This is the last big sale for the summer vacation. The other party is very anxious and hopes that you can go on stage. This time, the event will affect the renewal of your contract…”

She took off her mask.

The manager took a look and immediately said, “I’ll discuss it with them again.”

Su Ying was close to 40 years old. She did not look old at all. Her every frown and smile were very charming. Even if she was playing a role of 27 or 28 years old, it was very convincing.

Every time there were selections for the Immortal Goddess, she would have a place. She did not even rely on medical cosmetology to slow down her aging, but heaven was fair.

Like now.

The manager started to make calls, her tone pleading.

The other party’s tone was also very helpless. “We’re not making things difficult for Su Ying, but this event has already been dragged on and on. Let me be honest, I can understand that you guys have private matters to deal with, but the brand also has its own arrangements and considerations. Currently, there are already a lot of artistes communicating with the person in charge. As you all know, our brand is willing to spend money to promote our products, we definitely won’t be stingy with promoting our artistes on the ground. There are a lot of artistes who want to work with us… If you really can’t…”

“I’ll go tomorrow,” Su Ying said.

The manager paused and pointed at her face.

“I’ll go.” Su Ying was determined.

For the past six months, she had been pushing all her work back because of her repeated allergies.

This brand had been collaborating with her for many years and had once made her image deeply ingrained in people’s hearts. If she continued postponing, would their cooperation be ended?

Not taking any jobs was no different from leaving the industry.

After her manager dealt with everything, Su Ying leaned back in her chair and sighed.

When she returned home, she followed the doctor’s instructions and applied a facial mask, not using any skincare products.

The doctor sent a message to remind her, “Don’t put on makeup for the next few days.”

Su Ying responded and threw her phone on the bedside table. Suddenly, she thought of something and took out the thing Shi Jin had given her.

It was a simple, but exquisite box.

When she opened it, the ointment-like substance inside gave off a faint smell. It smelled good.

Su Ying immediately recalled that Shi Jin had a scar on her face when she participated in the competition back then. Later, that scar magically disappeared.

At the thought of this, she made up her mind. She took out the paste and smeared it on her face.

A cool and refreshing feeling rose slowly, causing Su Ying to apply an extra layer. Only then did she fall asleep from exhaustion.

Early the next morning, Su Ying’s manager came to look for her with the makeup artist. Although the event only started in the afternoon, because of Su Ying’s skin, the makeup artist would need to spend more time.

Hearing the knock on the door, Su Ying got up and opened the door. She was still half-asleep and unhappy. “Why are you so early?”

The manager looked at her face and suddenly screamed, “Sister Ying, your face…”

Su Ying’s brain froze. She immediately ran into the room and faced the mirror.

Was she disfigured? She clenched her fists.

It was only when she saw a smooth and fair face in the mirror that she was able to come back to her senses.


The next day, Shi Jin had breakfast and was about to report to the university.

The butler hurried over and said, “Miss Shi, Mr. Zhou is here.”

“Oh, invite him in first.” Shi Jin glanced at the time. It was still early.

“No, he’s in the backyard. He drove a truck over. You should go take a look first.”

Shi Jin followed the butler to the backyard in confusion.

Zhou Xu was rolling up his sleeves with dark circles under his eyes. However, he was in a very good state of mind. A heavy truck that he had borrowed from somewhere was filled with dirt.

The moment he saw Shi Jin, his expression changed. “I thought of a place with this kind of soil. I borrowed a car and brought it back. See if it’s like this?”

Butler Chen asked curiously, “Mr. Zhou, where did you get this?”

“Mi Yin,” Zhou Xu said casually.

Mi Yin? Butler Chen clicked his tongue. “It takes five to six hours to get there and back, and we’re not even talking about the time it takes to load the soil.”

Shi Jin ran her hand through the soil and her eyes lit up. “This is it. It can be used.”

Zhou Xu was ecstatic. “Then I’ll get these out. Where do you think I should lay them?”

He was about to do it himself, but Butler Chen hurriedly said, “I’ll get people to help. Mr. Zhou, you should take a rest first.”

Shi Jin said, “It’s a pity that the frostbloom seeds haven’t arrived yet. We can’t plant them now.”

Zhou Xu was not disappointed. He picked up some tools and started digging.

When Yao Jiahong entered, he saw that Shi Jin was still working on the soil. He reminded her, “Shi Jin, it’s about time to leave.”

“Mr. Zhou, I’ll take my leave first.” Shi Jin said, and put down the shovel.

Yao Jiahong couldn’t help but ask, “What are you planting this time?”

“Frostbloom,” said Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong didn’t understand, but it sounded rare, so he didn’t ask further.

After Shi Jin got into the car, she received two WeChat messages.

One was from Su Ying. “Shi Jin, I’m going to accept ‘Emergency Rescue.’ I’ll sign the contract later today.”

One was from Liu Ning. “Little ancestor, Su Ying is coming over tonight to sign the contract. How did you convince her? Are you coming?”

“I’m not coming. I don’t have time.” Shi Jin replied to Liu Ning. She had not finished studying the soil.

She replied to Su Ying, “To a happy collaboration.”

The car arrived at the entrance of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and drove towards the parking lot.

There were a lot of students who came to report today. Most of them were carrying luggage and holding documents. They were accompanied by their parents.

Xiao Li said to Yao Jiahong, “Brother Yao, I’ve already checked the route. Stop the car at this location, then pass through this corridor and bypass the plaza. We’ll be able to reach the sign-in area. It won’t take too much time and no one will see Shi Jin…”

“Shi Jin!” Before Xiao Li could finish, someone had already walked over.

Xiao Li was stunned. Looking at the old man before him, he suddenly recalled the photo he had seen last night when he was checking the information.

Wasn’t this… the principal of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ling Yida?