Young master fus incredible real heiress – Chapter 387

Chapter 387: So Love Will Vanish, Right?

“All done,” Shi Jin replied simply.

“Why don’t I just come back and accompany you?”

“Alright, focus on your research.” Shi Jin was afraid that with his personality, Fu Xiuyuan would easily kill him.

“So love will vanish, right?” Du Xian felt wronged.

Shi Jin could not be bothered with him anymore.

After a while, Du Xian sent another picture and said, “The frostbloom seed I found for you is already on the way. Look, Eldest Senior Brother is still the one who treats you the best, right?”

This was a rare item. It wasn’t just difficult to find. Things like seeds were difficult to transport back. Just the customs inspection alone was especially difficult, but Du Xian managed to do it, evidently proving his sincerity.

Shi Jin sent a thank you sticker.

At night, Shi Jin tested the soil in the back garden of Orchid Pavilion and realized that none of it was suitable for growing frostbloom flowers.

If even the soil here was not suitable, Shi Jin could not think of another place that would work.

She walked around the back garden, feeling a little worried.

“Get Zhou Xu to come over,” Fu Xiuyuan said to Song Fan, who was beside him.

Song Fan paused for a moment before replying, “Alright.”

He agreed, but was complaining in his heart.

Zhou Xu was an expert in soil research and a key representative of the National Environmental and Soil Key Research Institute. He had only come to the Fu Corporation to do auxiliary rare mineral development work.

He listened to Fu Xiuyuan, but even that was on account of the Fu Corporation’s years of support for the research institute and the relationship between the Fu Family and the Zhou Family.

Did he want to call Zhou Xu over just to help Shi Jin plant some flowers here?

Song Fan hesitated before making a call.

Zhou Xu sounded tired. “Where do I have to go?”

“Master Fu’s residence. He might need you to give some suggestions regarding the soil.” Song Fan could only say this.

Zhou Xu said, “I’ll be right there.”

Song Fan hoped that Zhou Xu would not hit him when he arrived. He returned to Fu Xiuyuan’s side and whispered, “Mr. Zhou will be here soon.”

Fu Xiuyuan didn’t say anything and focused on Shi Jin.

She was also focused on what she was doing. Sometimes, she would stare blankly at the flowers, and other times, she would reach out to pick a leaf to observe.

It was peaceful, and it was rare for there to be no interference. However, Song Fan’s heart was heavy as a rock.

He calculated that it was about time and quickly walked out to wait for Zhou Xu.

When Song Fan arrived at the entrance of the villa, Zhou Xu stepped out of the taxi. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his tanned skin.

“Mr. Zhou, Master Fu is waiting inside.”

“Alright.” Zhou Xu walked towards the back.

When they arrived at Shi Jin’s location, Fu Xiuyuan was still standing there and looking at Shi Jin from afar.

“Master Fu, Mr. Zhou is here,” Song Fan said.

“Master Fu.” Zhou Xu greeted him. He was neither servile nor overbearing. In front of Fu Xiuyuan, he had some pride.

He followed Fu Xiuyuan’s gaze and saw a beautiful figure playing with branches in the bushes.

He was stunned and recognized that it was Shi Jin. Initially, he didn’t pay attention to anything in the entertainment industry. However, he was interested in the yao orchid incident. He saw a photo from his colleagues and knew that Shi Jin had been cultivating the yao orchid.

Yao orchids were not easy to raise. Moreover, professionals all believed that the previous auction price was actually underestimating the yao orchid.

Its value was far greater than that.

Zhou Xu and his colleagues had felt regretful before, afraid that Shi Jin would ruin the plant.

Now, he raised his eyes to look… there were already dozens of yao orchids. The branches and leaves were dense, some already containing flower buds.

There were also some other precious plants that Zhou Xu had only seen in books.

He opened his mouth. Although he only studied soil and had limited knowledge about plants, he knew what the plants in the backyard represented.

“Master Fu.” Zhou Xu’s mouth suddenly felt dry.

“Shi Jin wants to plant something. She lacks suitable soil. Help her get some.” Fu Xiuyuan’s tone was calm, as if he was talking about a very small matter.

Song Fan muttered in his heart. Zhou Xu, a genius from the research institute, was very proud and aloof. He never did things for fame or profit, only for real research.

During a meeting with the higher-ups, he had gotten into an argument with an old shareholder. He had placed all his attention on his research. This task that Master Fu had arranged would probably damage his pride.

Song Fan had already assumed a defensive stance, afraid that Zhou Xu would turn against Fu Xiuyuan on the spot.

“Alright, I will prepare it immediately.” Zhou Xu’s tone was surprisingly kind.

Song Fan was stunned. He watched as Zhou Xu walked towards Shi Jin.

This… Song Fan began to doubt his life.

Shi Jin was tending to the flowers when she heard a voice behind him. “Miss Shi, what do you plan to plant?”

“Frostbloom,” Shi Jin said in a low voice. “But frostbloom originally grows on cliffs. Plants that grow by rocks might be difficult to plant. Perhaps we should simulate that environment.”

Zhou Xu held his breath when he heard the word “frostbloom.” He had heard his mentor in botany mention this before, but had never seen it before.

Was it the frostbloom he was thinking of?

He asked, “What does it look like? How’s the growth cycle?”

He could hear his voice turning dry.

Shi Jin gave a simple introduction and said, “Originally, the growth cycle should be four seasons, one life and one death. But I want to make use of modern technology and try to let it bloom twice a year, but it’s still early. I have to find suitable soil first.”

Zhou Xu said, “I should be able to send it to you in two days.”

“That’s great, thank you. I haven’t asked for your name.”

“Zhou Xu.”

“Shi Jin.” Shi Jin reached out her hand.

Zhou Xu shook it and felt that even the best jade could not compare to her hand.

After greeting him, Shi Jin walked towards Fu Xiuyuan with a wide smile on his face. “When the frostbloom seeds arrive, I can plant them here.”

Fu Xiuyuan raised an eyebrow. “Congratulations.”

Song Fan looked at the scene before him and felt that he didn’t deserve to be this assistant.

Zhou Xu stopped in his tracks. He watched as Shi Jin’s cold demeanor turned into a radiant one. He glanced at Fu Xiuyuan and immediately understood. However, he wasn’t looking for suitable soil for the sake of Fu Xiuyuan.

Just by looking at any plant here, he had a duty that he could not shirk.


On Su Ying’s side, she went to the beauty salon after she went back and did some physical repair and stabilization. The swelling had subsided quite a bit.

The doctor frowned and said, “You put on makeup again? This is very difficult to recover from. The substances in the cosmetics will increase your allergies, and it will delay your recovery.”

“How much longer?” Su Ying asked.

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