Chapter 373: What Kind of Attitude Is This?

When He Ziheng saw the wine, his eyes widened. He quickly raised his glass and moved closer. Pei Jun looked at him with disdain and put away the bottle.

After drinking for a while, Fu Xiuyuan received a work call and went to the balcony with his phone.

Shi Jin slowly walked out of the private room to take a breather.

She was leaning against a corner of the corridor. A natural, refreshing wind blew over. She was playing with her phone when someone rushed over.

She raised her eyes and saw that it was Hu Guangquan, whom she met the other day. Behind him was a graceful and elegant woman with a fierce look on her face.

Hu Guangquan was no longer as arrogant as before. There were dark circles under his eyes, and he looked haggard.

“Son, where is that woman?”

It was the woman who spoke. She seemed to be Hu Guangquan’s mother.

Shi Jin scoffed lazily.

Hu Guangquan pointed at Shi Jin and said, “It’s her!”

Mrs. Hu walked over quickly. “You, Shi Jin? Did you emasculate my son?”

Hu Guangquan had not taken what Shi Jin said that day to heart at all. He only took it as Shi Jin saying things out of fear. After he went home, he started spouting nonsense on Weibo. However, he soon realized that something was amiss. That night, he went to enjoy being with a woman, but just as Shi Jin had said, ‘it’ didn’t work!

He was unwilling to give up. He took some pills and tried again, but it was still not enough!

A man who liked to fool around with women and drink to his heart’s content suddenly couldn’t perform anymore. This blow almost killed Hu Guangquan. He refused to believe it. He tried for days, but it just didn’t work.

The matter spread and even Madam Hu found out about it!

She only had one son. When she heard that Shi Jin was behind this, she immediately got her friends to find her whereabouts and then brought her son over!

Shi Jin looked at Hu Guangquan and said, “Have you not graduated from kindergarten? Why are you running for your parents to get you out of trouble?”

Hu Guangquan was so embarrassed that he wanted to die.

Mrs. Hu flew into a humiliated rage. “Girl, stop your nonsense! How did you make my son like this?”

Mrs. Hu had already taken Hu Guangquan to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor did not manage to find anything wrong. He told them that it must be a psychological situation. If Hu Guangquan wanted to regain his confidence, he had to take it one step at a time without putting too much pressure on himself.

Hu Guangquan was only in his early twenties. Logically speaking, he should be in his prime. How could he take things slow?

Moreover, he knew very well that this was not some psychological issue, but a curse by this demoness!

“Shi Jin, if you don’t resolve this matter today, I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to survive in this industry!” Mrs. Hu was so protective of her son that she was already spouting threats.

The seats here were very close to the private room where Shi Xuexin was celebrating.

When Chu Ling came out, he happened to see the scene unfolding.

Shi Xuexin came out with him. When she saw this, she could not help but whisper, “How did she offend Mr. Quan? Furthermore, from the sounds of it, he can’t… y’know, anymore?”

Chu Ling immediately glanced at Hu Guangquan. Although the Hu Family couldn’t be compared to the Chus, it was still considered not bad. Had Shi Jin actually rejected Hu Guangquan?

So she had kicked Hu Guangquan and made him impotent?

He could not help but take another look at Shi Jin. She had a pale face and light brows, but her lips were very red. She looked exceptionally attractive. Was she doing this… for him?

Mrs. Hu and Hu Guangquan were about to attack when Chu Ling subconsciously shouted, “What are you doing?”

The two of them turned around and saw that it was Chu Ling. They stopped in their tracks.

Mrs. Hu didn’t want to air her dirty linen in public. She only said, “Young Master Chu? Young Master Chu, this is a private matter between us and Shi Jin. You’d better not interfere.”

Chu Ling walked towards Shi Jin. Shi Xuexin could not help but bite her lip and follow.

She pulled Chu Ling back. “Brother Chu Ling, this might cause issues. Let me find a friend to help Shi Jin instead.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Brother Chu Ling!” Shi Xuexin shouted.

“We can’t just watch a murder happen, right?” Chu Ling asked.

How could Shi Xuexin be willing to drop her kind act? She had no choice but to follow him.

“Shi Jin, what happened?” Chu Ling walked over to Shi Jin’s side.

Shi Jin hadn’t expected two more people to come, let alone the two people she least wanted to see.

She calmly said, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Shi Xuexin could not help feeling a little angry. “Brother Chu Ling has specially come to help you on account of our past friendship. What kind of attitude is this?”

“Do I need your help?”

Shi Xuexin could not help but feel exasperated. This was Shi Jin’s usual attitude towards strangers.

She was getting impatient after being provoked by the two Hus. Now that two more people had come, she couldn’t be bothered to brush them off politely.

However, Chu Ling felt that Shi Jin was angry with him. She was angry because she still cared, because she still… liked him.

He could not deny that Shi Jin was really good-looking. The corners of her long eyes curved in a flirtatious manner, making her almond-shaped eyes even more alluring. She was stunning, and the more he looked at her, the more he liked her.

His voice softened. “Shi Jin, we can’t just leave you in the lurch when you’re having a problem. Tell me the whole story and I’ll help you solve it.”

“You can’t help,” Shi Jin said honestly.

Chu Ling was patient. “I can try.”

Shi Jin harrumphed. “Fine. However, let me make this clear first. If you resolve it, I won’t owe you anything. If you can’t solve it, then don’t cause me any more trouble. Of course, you definitely won’t be able to help.”

When Chu Ling heard these words, he became even more determined. He turned to Mrs. Hu and said, “Mrs. Hu, let’s sit down and have a good chat. If Shi Jin has offended you in any way, please allow me to mediate.”

Mrs. Hu knew that this matter could not be resolved by Chu Ling alone. She refused to communicate with him. “It’s best that you don’t worry so much about our relationship with Shi Jin. I want her to suffer today!”

Chu Ling wanted to say more.

Hu Guangquan pointed behind him to where many paparazzos were standing, all carrying cameras.

Hu Guangquan’s meaning was very clear. They could not act now. If Shi Jin had ruined him and prevented him from being a man, then he would ruin Shi Jin too!

When Chu Ling saw so many paparazzi, he knew that this was a huge matter. If it got filmed, it would be difficult for them to clean up the mess.

Shi Xuexin tugged his sleeve forcefully. “Brother Chu Ling, think about those fans who love you!”

This was just a persuasion tactic.

Actually, she was reminding Chu Ling not to take the risk of his career being ruined to help the unworthy Shi Jin.

Shi Jin laughed coldly behind Chu Ling..

Did he think he was her savior? He was merely satisfying his inner vanity!