Young master fus incredible real heiress – Chapter 365

Chapter 365: Give You a New Script

In other words, he still did not agree with Shi Jin.

Mrs. Tang thought about it seriously and felt that it made sense. It seemed like Shi Jin was very familiar with the Fu family. If she really had the ability, why hadn’t she cured Old Madam Fu earlier? It didn’t make sense to say that it was Shi Jin’s treatment.

After Mrs. Tang and Doctor Pan left, Fu Heyan got the butler to quickly pour away the old medicine. However, was Shi Jin’s essential oil really that magical?

She looked at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took out a few new bottles containing glowing essential oils. She said evenly, “Grandma, I’ve reformulated these according to your recent symptoms. You can take them. Stop taking Dr. Pan’s medication for two days. You should be able to sense the change.”

Old Madam Fu immediately took the bottles and said, “Alright, alright. I’ll give it a try.”

After dinner, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan left the Fu family mansion.

On the way, she thought of something and sent Liu Ning a WeChat message. “Producer Liu, I’ve checked the cast list for Tomorrow’s Rescue. We have to replace Gao Bo.”

“Tomorrow’s Rescue” was a movie that Liu Ning and she had prepared together with “Twilight Years”. They planned to release it at the end of the year.

Shi Jin had no objections.

Today, Liu Ning had sent over the entire list of actors.

After looking at the list, Shi Jin did not think too much about it. It was only a bit later that she remembered that Gao Bo, who played the second male lead, had been photographed by the paparazzi in her previous life because he had talked about hating the country in public and was boycotted by the entire internet. After that, he was scolded out of the entertainment industry and never made a comeback.

Shi Jin did not care if he could make a comeback. Hating his country meant he deserved to suffer. If a person hated their own country, their character was already worrying.

Liu Ning replied, “I was just about to tell you. It doesn’t matter if we change the person or not. I’m afraid we can’t film this movie anymore.”

“What happened?” Shi Jin sat up straight and asked.

“The Wen family has paid a huge sum of money to buy all the scripts that we had high hopes for. They even contacted the director and the entire team. They bought all of them out, catching me off guard. They’ve contacted all the staff that I had high hopes for.”

Liu Ning’s words were filled with frustration and helplessness.

Shi Jin typed swiftly. “You mean Wen Yongwei’s family?”

“That’s right. They’re rich to begin with. It’s probably because they saw that we’ve become popular and have been talking about everything we film recently, so they’ve long taken a fancy to the things we like. F*ck, I’ve been working on this movie for so long, but it’s all useless now!”

“How much did they pay?”

“As far as I know, double.”

Shi Jin typed, “They are planning not to make profits but to promote themselves.”

It would already be considered very good if a normal movie could double the production cost. After all, other than the cost of production itself, the publicity and distribution costs were also very high. The movie theaters even had to draw in half the production cost.

They had paid twice the price to steal the screenwriter, director, and team of actors. This was for fame, not profit.

“How generous.” Shi Jin sent a thumbs up emoji.

She thought for a moment, then continued typing. “Are they planning to support their own people?”

“I think so. Wen Yaoming is gaining momentum right now, and Wen Yongwei needs publicity as well. The two siblings are acting together. No matter what, they will become a hot topic.”

“Then let them do it,” said Shi Jin. “I’ll give you another script later.”

“Girl, if you had said so earlier, I wouldn’t have been so worried for so long!” Liu Ning was overjoyed.

He had absolute confidence in Shi Jin’s script. One Shi Jin could beat ten good scriptwriters.

After “Tomorrow’s Rescue” got poached, the cast lineup and material was released on Weibo. Obviously, they were going to do something big with it.

Wen Yongwei was not the main female lead, but she was the second female lead. It was obvious that she had a lot of scenes.

The second male lead, which Wen Yaoming was playing, was the best friend of the male lead. If there were scenes with the male lead, there would be scenes of him.

As for Gao Bo, he had gone from second male lead to third male lead. Nothing else changed.

The fans were already full of anticipation.

Wen Yaoming had acted before and had a good reputation.

Wen Yongwei’s luck was deteriorating as she compared herself to Shi Jin. Her fans were no longer as enthusiastic as before and she was in desperate need of some popularity. The comments were filled with the word “anticipation”.

Shi Jin took a glance and soon lost interest. Since they liked that movie so much, they could take it all.


Back at the Lanting Residence:

Shi Jin turned on her computer and quickly went through a few scripts that she had written. Then, she selected one carefully and sent it to Liu Ning.

Liu Ning received the file and immediately clicked on it. After scanning through two pages, he had a belly full of opinions that he wanted to discuss. He sent a bunch of messages.

Just as Shi Jin’s fingers landed on her phone, Fu Xiuyuan’s hands landed on her shoulders.

Shi Jin simply typed, “I’m already asleep. Goodnight.”

Liu Ning was speechless.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at her screen, a smile on his lips as he tilted his head down and kissed her earlobe.


The next day, Shi Jin woke up naturally.

When she woke up, she reached for her phone. There were almost a hundred unread WeChat messages waiting for her. There were also a few missed calls.

During the night, the phone would be in silent mode so she would not be disturbed.

She opened the notifications and scanned through them. Most of the content was Liu Ning’s personal feelings and opinions after reading the script.

The call was from Fu Heyan. It was probably because Shi Jin hadn’t picked up that she had tried WeChat.


“Shi Jin, the Tang family head is not doing well!”

“Mrs. Tang said that she wanted to ask you to take a look at her husband. I heard that his condition worsened last night, but I don’t agree completely. I want to get your opinion first!”

“By the way, I told her that you’re not the one who knows how to treat patients, but Si Jin. I was afraid of causing you too much trouble.”

“Please reply to me immediately after you see this!”

Fu Heyan was actually worried about Fu Xiuyuan, so she thought that it would be better to let Shi Jin work anonymously so that no one would come to her for treatment in the future. Otherwise, wouldn’t Fu Xiuyuan kill himself?

“Sure, let’s set a time,” Shi Jin agreed.

Fu Heyan didn’t reply for a few minutes. She had probably gone to discuss with Mrs. Tang.

After a bit, when Shi Jin had just finished washing up, Fu Heyan replied, “Shi Jin, Mrs. Tang and I will come and fetch you immediately.”

Shi Jin chose to dress up as Si Jin and went downstairs.

Fu Xiuyuan looked up and saw that his girl now had short hair and looked different from usual.