Chapter 364: What Medicine Can She Have?

Now, seeing that Old Madam Fu was in a good state and full of energy when she spoke, she felt much better. She couldn’t help but feel impressed and realized that Fu Heyan wasn’t exaggerating.

The Fus had a good relationship with the Tangs. Since Mrs. Tang had made such a request, Fu Heyan naturally wouldn’t refuse her.

After she agreed, Dr. Pan was pleasantly surprised. He had always been confident in his own abilities. Now that he had finally made a name for himself, he had been noticed by several wealthy families. His future career was promising.

He stood up and said, “It is my honor to be invited by Mrs. Tang. I am also willing to serve you and your family.”

Mrs. Tang wanted to treat her husband’s illness, so she immediately said, “If no one minds, I’ll ask you to come with me now then.”

Doctor Pan nodded in agreement.

Feeling revived, he said to Old Madam Fu, “Old Madam Fu, I suggest that you take more of my medicine. Don’t listen to the words of a non-professional.”

Old Madam Fu was slightly hesitant. Shi Jin slowly put away all the prescriptions and folded them up. She said calmly, “You really can’t take that medicine.”

Seeing that Mrs. Tang had come for his services, Doctor Pan definitely could not allow Shi Jin to slander him in front of outsiders. He immediately said, “Miss Shi, If you stop the medicine without permission and cause any consequences, well, that will have nothing to do with me. If Old Madam Fu has problems, I hope you won’t come complaining to me.”

Mrs. Tang didn’t want to enquire into other people’s private matters, but when she heard this, she couldn’t help but ask, “Doctor Pan, Old Madam, what do you mean? Didn’t Old Madam Fu take Doctor Pan’s medicine and remain healthy? Why can’t she take Doctor Pan’s medicine?”

Doctor Pan said, “I’ve been prescribing medicine for her to nourish her body with. Recently, her dizziness, loss of sleep, and many other symptoms have all been alleviated. Her body is also getting better by the day. However, this lady from the entertainment industry insists that my medicine is useless and will instead increase the burden on her body.

“I didn’t want to argue with the young girl anymore, but everyone has witnessed the old lady’s condition. Her complexion is getting better and better, and the situation is turning for the better. So, I really don’t know what to say.”

Since Fu Xiuyuan was there to temper the situation, Doctor Pan’s words were much gentler, and he was not as intense as before.

Mrs. Tang hesitated. “Is there some misunderstanding?”

She also knew Shi Jin’s name and knew that she was currently very popular in the entertainment industry. She had heard that her results were not bad and she was quite capable, but when it came to medical skills… How could someone who had never really studied medicine point out the mistakes of a real doctor?

Doctor Pan snorted in his heart and thought to himself, “What misunderstanding could there be? It’s all because some people are playing to the audience and looking for a purpose for their existence here. Women in the entertainment industry are used to pulling such tricks!”

He didn’t say these words out loud, but he could feel Fu Xiuyuan’s cold gaze, which felt as if it was going to poke a few bloody holes in his body.

With this thought in mind, he did not even dare to curse silently.

Fu Heyan smiled and said, “Maybe there’s a misunderstanding…”

“There’s no misunderstanding. Like I said, Doctor Pan’s medicine has no effect on Grandma’s condition. If she takes too much of it, it will only backfire,” Shi Jin said. “Grandma’s health improved because I gave her a few bottles of essential oils to nurse her back to health.”

Doctor Pan could not help but laugh. “Really?”

He felt that this was the biggest joke in the world. He had painstakingly checked Old Madam Fu’s pulse and prescribed medicine seriously. It had not been easy for him to nurse Old Madam Fu back to health. Yet, Shi Jin was now claiming that all the credit belonged to her! How impressive.

Old Madam Fu thought of the bottles of essential oil in her room. She had thought that they smelled good, but now she knew that they had other uses too.

She wondered why her situation had become so much better recently.

She knew that Shi Jin had treated Fu Heyan’s hand injury, so she immediately believed her. Her face lit up as she said, “Since that’s the case, Butler, you don’t have to get me more medicine.”

Doctor Pan’s expression turned even uglier, but he dared not voice his anger.

When Mrs. Tang heard Shi Jin’s words, she muttered in her heart. After all was said and done, it was actually Shi Jin who had cured Old Madam Fu. Could she still trust this Dr. Pan?

She glanced at Shi Jin. She was in her early twenties and was as fair as an orchid. Doctor Pan was calm and experienced. She said, “Shi Jin, I would like to ask if there is a way to treat undetectable asthma?”

“What are the symptoms now?” Shi Jin asked.

“For the past few years, there’s been heavy panting in the winter. The other three seasons have been slightly better, but medicine can alleviate it. Today’s situation is so bad that even an inhaler doesn’t help…” Mrs. Tang was worried.

Shi Jin said calmly, “I can’t be sure without seeing him. However, I think it’ll be best to go to a big hospital for a detailed checkup. Don’t trust a self-assessed doctor.”

Hearing this, Mrs. Tang forced a smile and said, “Thank you.”

If the examination at the big hospital was going to be effective, she would not be clutching at straws right now.

Not to mention the big hospitals in Beijing, which big hospital in the world had she and her husband not been to before?

Every time he took medicine, his condition would improve. However, once he stopped, he would relapse endlessly again. This time, it was even worse.

After hearing Shi Jin’s reply, she still decided to employ Doctor Pan.

She smiled and said, “Since Doctor Pan still has some medical skills, I’ll invite him over to take a look. I hope it’ll be of some use.”

Shi Jin did not stop her. Doctor Pan did not want to stay with the Fus anymore, so he immediately said, “Mrs. Tang, as a doctor, I have a duty to fulfill. Let’s go now.”

“Why don’t…” Fu Heyan wanted Mrs. Tang to call Shi Jin over to take a look, but on second thought, Mrs. Tang did not believe in Shi Jin and she might not be free anyway, so she did not say much.

Mrs. Tang quickly excused herself, and Dr. Pan followed.

“Doctor Pan, are you confident in your skills?” Mrs. Tang asked.

Ever since he treated Old Madam Fu, he had never doubted his medical skills. He immediately said, “Mrs. Tang, even if I’m not 100%, we can say 70% or 80%. While I’ve been treating Old Madam Fu, her condition has been getting better by the day…”