Young master fus incredible real heiress – Chapter 361

Chapter 361: A Master Of Blame

“There are actually people who doubt the beauty of our darling?”

This time, no one was talking about looks anymore.

The anti-fans also restrained themselves. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Shi Jin was ready and said, “Today is my live broadcast. I’ll play everyone my latest song, ‘Fairytale’.”

She left the close-up camera and sat down at the piano.

Everyone saw her piano. As there was no beauty or filter, the piano showed its original appearance.

The brand new, flawless features were also seen by everyone.

A true fan’s heart skipped a beat. “Shi Jin’s piano is practically brand new? She really doesn’t play normally, right?”

“It’s okay, as long as she can play a little bit,” said someone comforting herself.

“That’s not difficult. I’m sure she can do it.”

No one made any bold claims, afraid that the anti-fans would find a loophole.

Indeed, the anti-fans had already started screeching. “The piano is so new? You just bought it today, right?”

“Shi Jin only began using it today, right?”

“Actually, it’s fine if you don’t know how to play the piano. There are many singers who don’t know how, but if you don’t know how to play, you should just admit it.”

The fans did not dare to defend themselves. It was not scary for them to suffer humiliation. They could not accept the fact that their darling would suffer too.

Shi Jin lifted the cover and looked up at Fu Xiuyuan, who was sitting in front of her.

When she first wrote this song, he had been the first listener.

During the live broadcast, he naturally had to be the first and only person physically present.

Shi Jin’s fingers landed on the piano keys. As she played, she sang:

“Maybe you won’t understand. Ever since you said you loved me

All the stars in my sky lit up.

May I’ll become the angel you love from the fairy tales,

I’ll open my arms, and they’ll become wings to protect you.

Believe, believe that we will be like a fairy tale.

Happiness and joy are the endings. ”

The sound of the piano was smooth and gentle.

Her voice was clean and warm. Through the screen, it was like a warm breeze entering everyone’s hearts.

Fu Xiuyan’s gaze was deep and quiet, and there was a gentleness between his brows.

All the fans who heard her singing went wild.

Those who had seen Shi Jin play the piano would never suspect that she was faking it. She was not looking at the score and her movements were smooth, graceful and calm. Especially when she was singing, there were stars in her eyes.

The fans, who had been a little nervous, were now relieved and no longer worried.

The anti-fans loitered around for a long time and did not find a suitable angle to attack from. Gradually, they lost momentum.

“It’s really too good!”

“This is the most worthwhile live broadcast I’ve ever heard. It was not a waste of my efforts to finish my homework during the day. I was just waiting for these few minutes to enjoy myself!”

“When will our Darling do a live broadcast next?”

“I want her to do it again!”

“Little Sis, sing a little more!”

Shi Jin did not reject and sang three songs that she had sung before.

Actually, those three songs were not entirely suitable for the piano, but it was rare for her to have such an opportunity to interact with her fans. When she sang, she made some slight changes.

She satisfied her fans and used her eyes to ask Fu Xiuyuan what he wanted to hear. With one look from him, she knew.

Finally, she added another song, “The Moon Represents My Heart” to end the day’s live broadcast.

After turning off the live broadcast, she walked towards Fu Xiuyuan and asked with a smile, “Mr. Fu, are you satisfied with today’s live broadcast?”

Fu Xiuyuan wrapped his arm around her waist and answered with a kiss.

Shi Jin was no longer on-screen, but the fans had not dispersed.

Some fans who knew about music were so excited that they were about to cry, “In order to make this song more suitable for the piano, Little Stone changed the tone in the middle of the song. She also changed the ending tone slightly, making it sound more comfortable.”

“Uncultured people can only tell that it’s slightly different from the previous version. They only know what’s different after seeing the guru in the front row. Our Darling is really thoughtful!”

“I want to know who she sang ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ for? Could it be for that lucky person?”

“Most likely. Sigh, I’m getting jealous. I wonder who Shi Jin fell for.”

“Are there still people who doubt our Shi Jin’s ability to play the piano?”

Naturally, no one would refute her now. At the same time, another passerby also posted on Weibo.

# Huang Kaiqin’s Complete Analysis #

“Legend has it that in order to take on the role in “Twilight Years”, Huang Kaiqin rejected the variety show “Our Life” that she had previously agreed on. However, Huang Kaiqin’s fans had always objected to her acting in a drama that was very similar to her own life. They used all sorts of words to kidnap her and her team, forcing her to quit the role. After that, for some reason, Huang Kaiqin acted for a few days and resigned from “Twilight Years”. It’s said that after she resigned, the production team had no choice but to use Ye Peiwen. And guess where Huang Kaiqin went? Back to record “Our Life”!

Ye Peiwen had no choice but to audition for “Twilight Years” because she was replaced by her as a permanent guest of “Our Life.””

The commentator was concise.

There were also many pictures attached.

Huang Kaiqin’s fans were the ones who had opposed her acting as the lead in “Twilight Years”. .

There was a screenshot of Ye Peiwen’s first episode of “Our Life”. In addition, the person who claimed that she was a passerby had pushed the blame of Huang Kaiqin quitting her role in “Twilight Years” onto Shi Jin. Now she was exposed, and it was confirmed that she was Huang Kaiqin’s fan.

Naturally, this information was discovered and released by Yao Jiahong.

Instantly, things turned around. The netizens quickly understood the situation. “In order to please the fans, Huang Kaiqin resigned from her role in “Twilight Years”. However, she then pushed the blame onto Shi Jin, saying that Shi Jin brought in Ye Peiwen and pushed her away. She even said that it was because she bumped into Shi Jin playing the piano. How funny. Shi Jin really knows how to play the piano, which means that she doesn’t have to worry about anything. Why would she deliberately push Ye Peiwen away because of that?”

“I can testify to this! The second episode of ‘Our Life’ has been released. There is indeed no sign of Ye Peiwen in the first episode, but Huang Kaiqin is there.”

“The second episode of ‘Our Life’ was filmed first, followed by Ye Peiwen’s audition for ‘Twilight Years’. It’s obviously Huang Kaiqin who went back on her word and wanted to get whatever she wanted. How could she say that it was Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen who pushed her away?”

“Huang Kaiqin is really good at shifting the blame. She’s like her very own fan.”

“It’s not that I want to say this, but to be able to make your own career plans after being constrained by fans, you must be a little stupid, right?”

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