Chapter 353: Shi Jin Was Worried

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Shi Jin guessed that it might be some kind of experimental drug that was hard to buy. Otherwise, Liu Ning wouldn’t have bought it for Gu Jingyuan.

Probably because the company and the project were profitable and Gu Jingyuan didn’t want money from Liu Ning, Liu Ning had bought him what he needed.

Gu Jingyuan took Shi Jin into the laboratory and chatted with her about their recent experiments and the topic of extraction that she had just mentioned.

Before long, the afternoon passed.

“Let’s have dinner at the laboratory tonight. Are you coming with me?”

“Okay.” Shi Jin still felt that she had not done enough and agreed readily.

Then, many people came out. There was the young man who had been to fetch Shi Jin earlier, as well as other doctors and students in white coats.

“Wow, Doctor Gu, is Shi Jin really your younger sister? I thought that they were joking and that you were just a big fan. I didn’t expect you to be her real big brother!”

“Doctor Gu, you’re so mean. Why did you ask the third-rate boy to fetch Shi Jin? Why didn’t you ask me?”

“Look, Four-Eyes, if I had asked you to fetch her, would you have been able to find your way back? Don’t you know that you have severe myopia? You’re almost blind after taking off your glasses, yet you still have the cheek to want to be entrusted with such an important task by Doctor Gu.”

Everyone was teasing each other, but ‘Four-Eyes’ didn’t get angry.

They wanted to take a photo together, and Shi Jin did not reject them. She took a photo with them and even patiently did some autographs for them.

Everyone knew their limits and settled down after a while. They left the school together and headed for the restaurant outside.

Everyone was afraid that Shi Jin would be chased by reporters and paparazzi. They surrounded her and subconsciously formed a circle to protect her. There was only one person who remained calm and did not ask for Shi Jin’s signature.

When they reached the dining area, he looked down at his phone.

“Alright, Wei Zai, let’s toast. To all good sisters like Shi Jin!” The four-eyed man took a photo of the person who was looking at his phone.

Wei Zai raised his head, picked up his wine glass, and drank with everyone else before continuing to look down at his phone.

Someone asked, “What exactly are you looking at? You’ve been distracted all afternoon, and now you’re looking at it again.”

“Could he be watching Shi Xuexin’s competition again? How many times have you watched the video of Shi Xuexin taking fourth place in the National Piano Competition?”

Wei Zai put down his phone and said, “It’s different this time. It’s not the National Piano Competition, but the Ivy League International Piano Composer Tournament. This is an original composition competition. Only very talented players who can compose classical music can participate in it. It’s even harder to get a place.”

After he finished speaking, as if he was afraid that no one would believe him, he immediately put his phone volume up and started playing some music.

“This is Shi Xuexin’s original classical piece today. Isn’t it amazing?” Wei Zai said loudly.

“Oh, it’s really not bad.”

“Not bad. No wonder you’ve always liked Shi Xuexin.”

“But no matter how much you like her, you still have to eat, right?”

Wei Zai was elated when he heard everyone’s comments. He glanced at Shi Jin subconsciously.

Actually, no one from the laboratory was very interested in the entertainment industry. It was only because of Gu Jingyuan’s occasional presence that they knew about Shi Jin. They knew nothing of the grudges between Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin.

However, Wei Zai was different. He knew all too well about the discord between Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin.

As Shi Xuexin’s fanboy, he naturally thought that Shi Jin was the one at fault. Hence, the first thing he did was look at Shi Jin’s expression.

When Shi Jin heard what he said, her expression did not change at first. Other people liked Shi Xuexin openly, so there was nothing for her to mind. However, when she heard that familiar tune, her brows could not help but twitch.

Wei Zai immediately noticed the change in Shi Jin. He thought to himself that she really was bothered!

That was understandable. No matter how well she did in the entertainment industry, how could she compare to Shi Xuexin’s reputation in the piano world?

Playing and creating an original piano score were things that only those with true talent could master. It wasn’t like those pop songs in the entertainment industry that could be easily written.

When she heard Shi Xuexin’s music score, Shi Jin became concerned!

Gu Jingyuan asked in a low voice, “Is the air conditioner too cold? I’ll dial it up.”

“No need, it’s nothing. The dishes are pretty good today. Big Brother, eat more.”

When Wei Zai brought up this topic, someone asked, “Shi Xuexin participated in both the Chopin piano competition and the Ivy League competition. Which competition is more impressive?”

Wei Zai glanced at Shi Jin and said, “The Chopin Piano Competition is a worldwide competition. Basically, those who can participate in the semi-finals and finals are the top players of their own countries.

This time, Shi Xuexin was ranked fourth in the country. Although she could not participate in the semi-finals and finals in Warsaw, she was still one of the top players. Since she was ranked fourth in the country, everyone agreed with him.

“As for the other one, it’s an original composition competition. The Chopin piano competition tests one’s playing ability. This test not only relies on one’s physical skills, but also one’s ability to compose. Therefore, no matter how these two competitions go, Shi Xuexin is especially impressive!” Wei Zai emphasized.

“Yes, yes, yes. The person that you like must be very powerful.” No one had much of a relationship with him and Shi Xuexin as they echoed his words.

Shi Jin’s expression was indifferent. Gu Jingyuan glanced at Wei Zai but said nothing.

No one else noticed the change in Shi Jin. Everyone was laughing and the scene was very lively.

After dinner, everyone dispersed. Some went back to the laboratory, while others went home.

Shi Jin did not ask Gu Jingyuan to see her off. She got into the nanny van that Xiao Li drove.

In the van, she opened the forum for Beijing University students and entered the gossip category.

Indeed, there were already videos of today’s competition up.

As expected, the video with the highest views was Shi Xuexin’s performance.

Not only was her playing skill level professional, but her music score was also high class. There were many supporters under the video and many fangirls and fans commenting. Shi Jin listened to the familiar melody and closed her eyes.

When Shi Xuexin and Shi Baozhi left Beijing University, they saw Shi Jin getting into the van. They exchanged glances.

Shi Baozhi asked, “Is that Shi Jin?”

“I think so.” Shi Xuexin took a serious look as the vehicle left quickly.

“Did she come to watch your performance?”

Shi Xuexin could not be sure. After all, it was not impossible for her to have been visiting Gu Jingyuan, but Gu Jingyuan did not come to school often, and now that it was summer break, the probability of him coming was even lower.

So, Shi Jin was still very concerned about the two competitions she had participated in and was there to check out the situation?