Young master fus incredible real heiress – Chapter 350

Chapter 350: What Other Than Beauty?

Ye Peiwen was rather impressed by her nonchalant attitude.

Nowadays, the entertainment industry was such a mess. Other artistés were usually under some psychological pressure. She had seen quite a number of them. It was really rare for an artisté to be able to live as indifferently and carefree as Shi Jin.

“Teacher Ye, when are you filming your variety show?”

“Tomorrow. I specially came a day earlier just to have a meal with you and talk.”

“Then do you mind coming with me to the crew of ‘Twilight Years’ to take a look?” Shi Jin asked.

“Sure. Do you want me to sing that theme song?”


Ye Peiwen was immediately very interested. “Producer Liu’s drama definitely won’t be bad. Speaking of which, I have to thank Producer Liu for giving me a chance to appear on his variety shows.”

“What do you mean?” Shi Jin asked with interest.

“Our variety show is called ‘Our Life’. It’s a newly established slow lifestyle variety show. It invites artistés of all ages to show their living conditions. Originally, my position was Huang Kaiqin’s, but then Huang Kaiqin took over the role of the female lead of ‘Twilight Years’, so when the position was left empty, I was found to fill it.”

Shi Jin had not participated in the casting of “Twilight Years” and hadn’t known that Producer Liu had chosen Huang Kaiqin.

This name had appeared a little too frequently in the past two days. However, since Liu Ning had already decided on the female lead, Shi Jin naturally wouldn’t say much.

Actually, it was not easy to decide the female lead in a drama like this. The A-list and B-list actresses who were close to 40 years old now would rather appear in idol dramas than shows that involved marriage, childbirth, and parental relationships. They were afraid that it would affect their style and future fashion resources.

The other actors were the same. They were afraid that if they acted as a mother once, they would then be pigeon holed into that kind of role. For this kind of drama, actors could only be selected from among the capable ones.

However, capable actors had a wide range of choices for work. Liu Ning’s own brand was alright, but his film company, Crystal River Productions, had just been established not long ago. Powerful actors would definitely have concerns. Besides, it was not easy to find a suitable schedule.

Actors with inferior acting skills all wanted to go on stage, but Liu Ning had high expectations, so it wasn’t easy to choose.

It made sense to choose Huang Kaiqin. Huang Kaiqin had been quiet for the past two years. A few years ago, she was also a very capable first-tier female artisté. Her acting skills were very good, but she had gradually faded out and only reappeared this year.

Initially, Shi Jin didn’t know why, but she found out from Yao Jiahong that it was because she married a rich man that she faded from the public eye.

The reason why she was making a comeback was probably because she was from a wealthy family. Perhaps married life with a rich guy wasn’t as appealing as it might be to a normal person.

Ye Peiwen continued, “I didn’t expect to be in the same crew as Huang Kaiqin.”

“What a coincidence,” said Shi Jin.

“I really want to go and take a look.”

As they spoke, the car arrived with the production team of “Twilight Years”.

Liu Ning was a fast worker. A few days ago, he had still been discussing things with Shi Jin. Now, most of the staff had already joined the team and were taking their makeup photos.

They believed that filming would start very soon.

Huang Kaiqin had just entered with her assistant when she saw Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen getting out of the car.

Huang Kai Qin’s assistant could not help but mutter, “What bad luck, we meet again.”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Huang Kaiqin said.

“What’s so good about this Shi Jin? Yao Jiahong actually piled all of his resources on her,” the assistant complained.

Huang Kaiqin also looked at Shi Jin. Indeed, in her eyes, although Shi Jin was pretty, she wasn’t the most competitive person in the industry. After all, what idol wasn’t pretty?

Shi Jin had risen to power in a short period of time. In Huang Kaiqin’s eyes, it was all because of Yao Jiahong.

As someone who had been around Yao Jiahong before, Huang Kaiqin knew how capable this top manager was and how many connections and resources he had. In other words, as long as Yao Jiahong was willing to support it, even a dog could make it big.

Otherwise, Huang Kaiqin wouldn’t have gone back to seek reconciliation with Yao Jiahong.

Unexpectedly, even though she had lowered her head, Yao Jiahong had rejected her.

Forget it. He had even said that he would not accept anyone but Shi Jin. Wasn’t he just being disrespectful?

When Huang Kaiqin thought of this, her gaze towards Shi Jin inevitably carried some scrutiny.

Other than being beautiful, fair, skinny and tall, what good was Shi Jin?

Upon seeing Huang Kaiqin, Ye Peiwen politely stopped in her tracks and said, “Teacher Huang.”

Shi Jin also stopped.

Ye Peiwen knew that her variety show had been leaked by Huang Kaiqin, so she smiled at her.

Huang Kaiqin smiled and said, “Hello, Teacher Ye. Hello, Shi Jin. I wasn’t expecting you guys to come too.”

“We have a little bit of work,” Ye Peiwen said with a smile.

“Is filming going well?” Huang Kaiqin asked.

Ye Peiwen’s expression did not change. She simply explained that the variety show had not started filming yet and that she had come to see her old friend first.

“Then you guys go ahead,” Huang Kaiqin said.

After Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen left, the assistant couldn’t help but say, “Everyone wants to star in Producer Liu’s current television series. I heard that Shi Jin is playing a guest role. Yao Jiahong’s current ability… he’s even stronger than before.”

“I told you to stop talking.” Huang Kaiqin’s expression changed.

How could she not know that Yao Jiahong was powerful now?

For Shi Jin to be pushed to this height, her manager had to be outstanding in all aspects. Anyone who saw him would have to say that Yao Jiahong was amazing, but so what?

Yao Jiahong’s refusal had been firm and decisive. What else could she do? She wanted to see where Yao Jiahong could push Shi Jin!

She and her assistant walked in slowly. The stage supervisor came forward to greet them. “Ms. Huang, this way please! The photos will be taken here!”

“Where’s Producer Liu?” Huang Kaiqin asked.

Previously, Liu Ning had personally received her.

“Producer Liu is receiving guests over there. He has something to discuss.”

Huang Kaiqin guessed that the investor and director were here, so he could not leave. Thinking about it, it made sense, so she did not say anything and went to put on makeup and take a photo.


Liu Ning saw Shi Jin and Ye Peiwen coming over and personally welcomed them to the office.

Shi Jin gave them a brief introduction.

Liu Ning smiled and said, “I’ve heard Teacher Ye’s songs before, so I’m looking forward to hearing Teacher Ye’s theme song this time. Then, I’ll ask Teacher Ye to make time to prepare our theme song.”

Ye Peiwen had initially thought that Liu Ning would ask her a few more questions to confirm her singing style and other details.