Transmigrated as the tortured female leads daughter – Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Chapter 104: Director Lu’s New Movie (2)

Seeing Lu Shanhe and Gu Manxi having a long talk, Zhao Manshi could not tell how she felt.

She was extremely jealous.

Lu Shanhe’s mind was on the revised script, and he carefully read through all the scenes that Gu Manxi had revised. Then, Lu Shanhe said, “There are some parts of the plot that don’t make sense after the edits-”

Before he could finish, Zhao Manshi, who was trying to interrupt him, quickly said, “Director Lu, my sister has never had adequate education. Don’t blame her. If you want, I can read your script.”

Zhao Manshi wanted to enter the entertainment industry, so she naturally had some skills.

Not only did she have acting skills, but she also had a certain degree of foundation in writing and dancing.

She thought happily that Lu Shanhe must be willing to show the script to Gu Manxi because of Zhao Yan. As for her, she was also Zhao Yan’s sister. Why would Lu Shanhe reject her?

When the time comes, she would show off her talent as a screenwriter and reveal her intention to participate in the movie. Lu Shanhe would definitely not reject her.

However, from the beginning to the end, Lu Shanhe did not even give Zhao Manshi a single glance.

Lu Shanhe continued to talk to Gu Manxi. “In the 45th scene, I wanted to express the female protagonist’s inner hesitation, so I added images like [ fish in a fish tank ] and [ swinging fan ] many times. This is a slow-paced shoot, so there’s no need to fast-forward everything. However, Manxi, I will consider adding in the new scene that you proposed.”

Zhao Manshi was dumbfounded.

She felt that her world was shattered!

What? Director Lu actually took the initiative to listen to the suggestions of others to modify the script? Wasn’t he famous for his stubbornness in the industry who would never let outsiders touch his script?

Zhao Manshi suspected that she was dreaming. Of course, she did not know that Lu Shanhe created the script based on Gu Manxi. In this world, only Gu Manxi had the right to modify the script and give suggestions.

Zhao Manshi was not convinced!

“Director Lu, I studied screenwriting. I can help Manxi modify your script,” Zhao Manshi said gently. Her slender fingers smoothed her long hair by her ears, revealing her beautiful face.

Gu Manxi looked at her.

Lu Shanhe frowned and said in a bad mood, “Miss, can you please shut up? Take a piss and look at your own reflection. How can you be qualified to read my script? Who are You? If it weren’t for Zhao Yan and Manxi, I would have told you off a long time ago!”

Lu Shanhe was famous for his bad temper. The people who had been roasted by him would form a huge line.

Zhao Manshi looked embarrassed.

She thought that this was the grumpy Lu Shanhe in her impression, but she was also very puzzled. Why did this man turn on her so fast?

He was so nice to Gu Manxi but not towards her. How could she be worse than that sister of her?

“Director Lu, I didn’t mean to offend you.” Zhao Manshi tried to defend herself. “I just thought that I could help my sister and be your helper.”

“Shut up. I don’t want to listen to your excuses.” Lu Shanhe looked unhappy. He had been in the film industry for many years. What kind of scheming woman had he not seen?

He had seen through Zhao Manshi’s thoughts at a glance, but he did not say it out loud. He did not expect Zhao Manshi to still not restrain herself.

“You’ve ruined my good mood. It’s so annoying.” Lu Shanhe scratched his long hair and took a deep breath. “Manxi, I’ll borrow your study to edit the script. Call me when dinner is ready.”

Gu Manxi nodded. “Okay, please feel free to go and do your work.”

Lu Shanhe ran upstairs with the script in his arms. Before he left, his gaze was like a thousand blades, making Zhao Manshi take a few steps back.

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