Transmigrated as the tortured female leads daughter – Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Chapter 103: Director Lu’s New Movie (1)

She wanted to seize this opportunity to raise her status, marry into the Song family, which she had long dreamed of, and become the lady of Song Entertainment.

“It’s not that I haven’t tried to persuade you, but not everyone can take on the role of an actress.” Zhao Manshi’s voice was gentle and there was a hidden knife in her smile, “I studied acting in university, so at least I’m not timid in front of the camera. Manxi, you’ve been busy raising your child all these years, so it’s better if you don’t have any thoughts that you shouldn’t have.”

Who gave her the courage? She was the mother of a five-year-old child?

Or, did Gu Manxi want to be famous and get a rich husband?

Gu Manxi put down the script in her hand and said, “Can you be quiet for a while?”

She was reading the script, and Zhao Manshi was constantly making sarcastic remarks, which really disturbed her from studying the script.

Zhao Manshi choked, and her eyes instantly became vicious.

This woman, did she think that she could be arrogant just because she had the protection of her big brother?

Zhao Manshi was about to say a few words, but suddenly there was a light knock on the door. Gu Chu, who was eating snacks while watching the show, jumped down from the sofa and ran to open the door. Zhao Manshi thought that Zhao Yan had returned, so she quickly went up to welcome him.

The door opened, and outside the door was the long-haired and handsome Lu Shanhe.

Zhao Manshi was stunned.

Gu Chutian called out to him sweetly, “Uncle Lu, you’re here. Welcome, Uncle Lu.” Lu Shanhe smiled and reached out to touch Gu Chutian’s furry little head.

He quite liked this child. Her eyes were as clear as a deer’s, and they were full of life.

Zhao Manshi quickly greeted him, “Hi, Director Lu. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Zhao Manshi,” at the end, she quickly added, “I’m Zhao Yan’s biological sister.”

Lu Shanhe’s bright eyes slowly swept over her. He did not take this woman who was similar to Gu Manxi seriously. He only nodded lightly, “Hello.”

His attitude was cold and distant.

Zhao Manshi was not surprised. Geniuses all had their temperaments. Lu Shanhe was famous for his bad temper. He kept people at a distance and never gave anyone a good look. Even when the other person was a senior actor or actress, if they did not perform the way he wanted, he would hurl curses at their face.

If he were to speak gently to someone one day, that would be abnormal.

However, what happened next almost shattered Zhao Manshi.

When Lu Shanhe saw Gu Manxi, a warm smile immediately appeared on his face as if the ice just melted.

Lu Shanhe walked over. “You’ve already read the script for three days. How is it? Do you have any thoughts?”

Gu Manxi poured Lu Shanhe a cup of hot cocoa and said, “I’ve marked out all the areas that need to be modified with a blue pen. There’s a lot of room for changes in the 45th scene.”

Lu Shanhe took a few sips of the hot cocoa and took the marked script, reading it carefully.

Zhao Manshi’s beautiful eyebrows furrowed slightly, and a strange feeling flashed through her heart.

She coughed lightly and said in an unhappy tone, “Manxi, Director Lu Shanhe’s screenwriting skills are top-notch in the industry. You haven’t studied for a few years, so how would you know these things? Don’t let Director Lu make a fool of you.”

Zhao Manshi had heard from her mother, Tang Chunxiu, that Gu Manxi gave birth at the age of 18, and later worked in a remote town. She had long since dropped out of school. In other words, Gu Manxi definitely was not knowledgeable. She was just a little prettier.

Who didn’t know that Lu Shanhe was not only a genius director, but also a genius screenwriter?

How could somebody who was uneducated, unmarried, and with a daughter be qualified to edit Director Lu’s script? Wasn’t she afraid of showing off in front of an expert and making a fool of herself?

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