Transmigrated as the tortured female leads daughter – Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Chapter 101: Zhao Manshi is Here (1)

Translator: ShinoJ

Zhao Yan was lowkey angry. He suspected that he did not raise a wolfdog, but a husky.

Zhao Yan had no choice but to settle for the next best thing and resolutely refused to let Song Chen enter.


Apart from Song Chen, Lu Shanhe was also diligent. Lu Shanhe even brought his new script. When he was free, he would revise the script with Gu Manxi.

“Mama, Uncle Song played with the dog in the garden for an hour and left.” Gu Chu leaned against the window. She was a little impressed by Song Chen’s perseverance.

Song Chen looked like a normal human being. He was aloof and domineering. There was coldness, pride and power in his eyes, but he was really thick-skinned…

He would always be rejected, but he did not show any signs of backing down.

In the novel, the biggest problem of the male protagonist, Song Chen, was that he could never see the female supporting role as a villain. He always thought that the female supporting role, Cheng Qingyun, was a weak girl. He always accidentally missed the female protagonist. He would either pass by the airport or pass by the toilet. Either way, he would always miss Gu Manxi by seconds.


Besides being blind, Song Chen himself didn’t have any big problems. He really loved Gu Manxi.

“Uncle won’t let him into the house,” Gu Chu said. “Uncle Song can only play with Goldie outside every time. Then, he sneaks a few glances at our house. In the end, he’ll turn around and leave.”

Gu Manxi lowered her head and flipped through the script. “Don’t worry about him. He’ll leave once he gets rejected too many times.”


She guessed that Song Chen was probably just acting on a whim. He would leave once the passion had subsided.

Probably because of Gu Chu’s influence, Gu Manxi was no longer as weak as she was in the original text. Especially after Gu Chu’s repeated mishaps, Gu Manxi was anxious to protect her daughter, and her IQ increased.

During this period of time, apart from work, Gu Manxi’s attention was all on the script.

This was a movie script personally written by Lu Shanhe. He had expressed his hope for Gu Manxi to return to the film industry more than once.

The script was tailor-made for Gu Manxi and was full of sincerity.

Gu Manxi was a little moved.

She really loved acting and hoped to become an excellent actress.

“Ding Dong–”

The doorbell rang. Gu Manxi looked up. “Chuchu, go open the door for Uncle. Maybe they’re back.” Lin Xiaozhou wanted to eat garlic oysters that night, so he dragged Zhao Yan to the nearby market to buy ingredients.

Gu Chuchu thought to herself, it’s definitely not Uncle. The door is password-protected and fingerprint-locked. Who would knock on their own door?

Gu Chuchu jumped down from the sofa.

Maybe Song Chen didn’t give up, so he bought toys and gifts to send to her house. In the past ten days, Gu Chuchu had received a series of gifts, such as cartoon plush, dolls, colorful crayons, a princess vanity set, a Disney Princess Dress, a Donald Duck figurine, and so on.

Unfortunately, she did not like any of them!

Stupid Dad, give me a top-notch computer, and I’ll call you Daddy immediately!


With the sound of knocking on the door, Gu Chu happily opened the door.

It was not Song Chen or Zhao Yan outside the door, but an old acquaintance that she had not seen for a long time – Zhao Manshi.

Gu Chu: …What was she doing here? Did she think that her life was too smooth and came here to look for trouble?

“Chuchu, long time no see. Did you miss me?” Zhao Manshi asked with a smile. She was wearing an elegant dress today. Her long hair was tied behind her shoulders, and she had the air of a refined socialite.


Gu Chu’s little face was downcast. She took two steps back, and her face showed obvious vigilance.

Zhao Manshi put on a fake smile, yet her eyes could not hide the disdain.

She did not come here today to look for a little b*tch like Gu Chu. Instead, she wanted to meet her big brother, Zhao Yan.. She heard that famous director Lu Shanhe and Zhao Yan had been very close recently.


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