Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family – Chapter 183 – Practicing Martial Arts 2

Chapter 183: Practicing Martial Arts 2

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Su Xiaolu was tired and sleepy again.

She closed her eyes and slept. She didn’t even know when Gui You had left.

Her exhausted consciousness still entered the Space to recuperate. When she woke up, her body was comfortable. Her fatigue and pain had turned into an indescribable comfort.

She thought it was like how cats felt when they got up to stretch after a good night’s sleep.

She got up and went out. The heaviness of her body was gone and she felt lighter.

Big Brother and Second Brother had already returned from school and were teaching Chen Daniu and the others how to write in the courtyard.

When Su Xiaolu came out, there was a hint of sunset on the horizon. Her parents were cooking in the kitchen, and the fragrance of the food came out.

Not far away, smoke also rose from the chimneys of Chen Hu and Su Xiaozhi’s houses.

“Come sit down, Xiaolu.”

Hu Shuangshuang called Su Xiaolu with a smile.

Su Xiaolu walked over with a smile. She called out to Hu Shuangshuang, “Sister Shuangshuang.”

Hu Shuangshuang smiled faintly.

Su Xiaolu was beside Su Xiaoling. She leaned her head against her and said coquettishly, “Sister.”

Su Xiaolu called her sister. Su Xiaoling let her lean on her lap and massaged her back.

Su Xiaolu felt extremely comfortable and her smiling eyes narrowed.

Su Chong was chopping wood in the courtyard. He was very strong and split it with an axe.

Zhou Heng and Su Hua were teaching everyone how to read and count.

How nice.

She woke up earlier than yesterday. Su Xiaolu leaned against Su Xiaoling and asked, “Where’s my master?”

Su Xiaoling said, “Master Gui You went into town. He said he won’t be back today and asked you to practice by yourself tomorrow. He will check when he comes back.”

Gui You went out, but left a message.

He had said it after Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang returned. Su Xiaoling also heard it. When Su Xiaolu asked, Su Xiaoling naturally told her.

Su Xiaolu sighed. She thought that she could slack off, but it seemed that she couldn’t.

When the meal was almost ready, Hu Shuangshuang brought Hu Changshou and Hu Changyang back.

Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu also brought Chen Shi home.

Not long after, Madam Zhao called for dinner.

The family sat down to eat. Su Sanlang also told Su Xiaolu what had happened.

Su Xiaolu nodded as she ate the braised pork. “Okay.”

She would not be lazy.

After dinner, Su Xiaolu went to wash up and sleep. When she was free, she practiced internal mental cultivation techniques. There was nothing special about it after practicing it many times. She knew that it was not time yet.

Her master had internal energy. In time, she would also have internal energy.

Gui You did not return for the next three days.

Every time Su Xiaolu finished standing on the pillar, her feet would hurt terribly. Without Gui You’s internal energy to relax her, she could only inject herself and knead the medicine.

Although she was tired, she persevered.

It was just that every day, she would sleep until it was dark before waking up. She would recuperate in the Space and wake up much better.

Gui You returned on the fourth day. He carried a bag of things and began to check Su Xiaolu’s training after putting them away.

It was simple. He said to Su Xiaolu, “Girl, pull up your pants. Let me see your knees.”

Su Xiaolu did as she was told. Her knee was a little swollen and it would go down every day. The next day, it would swell up again after standing for a long time.

Gui You pinched Su Xiaolu’s knee and said, “Not bad. You didn’t slack off.”

Su Xiaolu was puzzled. “Master Gui You, how do you know that I didn’t slack off?”

Though she hadn’t been lazy, Gui You had merely examined her knee. How had he concluded that?

Gui You looked at Su Xiaolu’s curious eyes and said, “The tendons in your legs are tense every day. You might lie to me, but it won’t.”

When Gui You said that, Su Xiaolu understood.

She was a doctor. As long as she took a pulse, she could know of any illness.

Having practiced martial arts for many years, he also knew what it was like to train one’s muscles and bones every day.

Su Xiaolu looked at Gui You and could not help but ask, “Master Gui You, what if I slacked off these few days? Will you punish me?”

Gui You looked at Su Xiaolu. As the old man had said, she was talkative and had many questions.

Gui You’s eyes turned cold. He glanced at Su Xiaolu and said, “Nothing will happen. It’s just that the training will be doubled. If you want to, you can try.”

Su Xiaolu felt a chill run down her spine. She quickly waved her hand. “How can I go against Master’s orders? If Master wants me to go east, I definitely won’t go west.”

Fortunately, she didn’t slack off. Otherwise, how could she live if she stood on the stake twelve hours a day?

Gui You snorted and calmly took Su Xiaolu’s hand to relieve the swelling in her legs.

Now, even without Gui You’s guidance, Su Xiaolu could guide that warm current to her legs and back.

Gui You was much more profound than the old man. Su Xiaolu could not see through him, but she remembered his words.

A cold-blooded, ruthless swordsman who lived by his principles. If she let him down, he might really kill her and replace her with a new disciple.

So, bite the bullet and learn. If she learned, the benefits would be hers.

Gui You couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Su Xiaolu hanging her head. The two small buns on her head looked very cute. He wasn’t like an old man who was controlled by a little girl.

Su Xiaolu was a genius, so she should train hard. Anyway, her body recovered very quickly.

As a teacher, he had to be like this and make the girl respect and fear him!

Gui You retracted his hand, stood up, and said coldly, “From tomorrow onwards, you will add an hour to your daily standing stance.”

Su Xiaolu wanted to cry but had no tears. She pouted and looked at Gui You. “Master Gui You, but tomorrow is the new year…”

The New Year was tomorrow. The New Year.

Su Xiaolu looked at Gui You eagerly, hoping that this cold-hearted master would soften his heart.

However, his expression was cold as he said ruthlessly, “Unless a knife falls from the sky, you can’t stop for a single day!”

This sentence directly cut off Su Xiaolu’s hopes.

Su Xiaolu sighed. Her wheedling no longer worked.

Practicing martial arts was very tough and tiring. All Su Xiaolu could do was eat more to replenish her energy.

She also went to bed early at night. Even though she slept for four hours in the afternoon, she was still very sleepy at night.

In the blink of an eye, it was already morning.

She got up to eat first. Madam Zhao steamed large buns with sauerkraut and meat filling. Each of them was the size of Su Xiaolu’s two fists, but now she could eat three of them.

When she had finished eating, she went next door to the stumps.

Gui You was knocking around in the house, doing something.

Su Xiaolu calmed her mind and practiced the mental cultivation techniques over and over again.

Su Chong came over. He looked at Su Xiaolu and asked with concern, “Xiaolu, are you tired?”

Su Xiaolu smiled and shook her head. “Brother, I’m not tired. I’m used to it.”

Not admitting it verbally, having tears only in her heart. She did not want her family to worry about her.

Su Chong touched his head and said, “Then I’ll accompany you.”

As he spoke, Su Chong also got on the stake. He stood up like Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu quickly said, “Brother, I’m fine. Don’t tire yourself out. You can go down.”

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