Chapter 398: Waiting

“How are the preparations going on Wu Lin’s wife’s side?”

Zheng ze chuckled when he heard this.”The Wu family wanted to have a good talk, so they demanded an exorbitant price.”

“The Wu family isn’t doing very well now. They invested a lot of money in the previous project, but it will take some time for the return. Of course, they can’t afford it.”

“If you want shares, of course the Wu family won’t agree.”

“Right now, the Wu clan still has the intention to suppress the clan of Wu Lin’s wife.”

“However, they are not to be trifled with. They are the victims, which is an excellent publicity.”

“They’re preparing to use public opinion?”

“Yeah, we’re getting ready. We’ll see it soon.” Zheng ze was driving.”Boss, we don’t have to do much. We’ll just watch the show. You don’t have to do anything. Both of them will suffer.”

Xing Jiu ‘an was silent and didn’t answer.

This was a huge matter that involved three families, but it was not what she wanted.

What she wanted was for Wu Lin to die.

In her previous life, she had died at the hands of Wu Lin. In this life, she would not dirty her own hands to harm him. However, it was far from enough for her identity as the heir to the family to be taken away.

She wasn’t very clear about Wu Lin’s personality or appearance.

In her previous life, when she found out about Wu Lin, he was always by Huo Chulan’s side. He was like a lunatic, sick, and paranoid.

He had never seen him develop in the business world.

After she was killed, it happened on the street and many people saw it. He definitely couldn’t escape the death penalty. Even if he was exonerated by mental illness, he would still be locked up in a mental hospital.

She was certain of this.

Xing Jiu ‘an had always known that her family loved her very much.

When she was on the phone with Qing Mu, she died just like that.

And the dreams from before …

They would definitely not let go of the murderer who killed her.

In this life, she said that she would do it again, but she could not and could not let go of the person who had caused her death in her previous life.

In fact, she didn’t even know if Mu Qing would forgive her in her previous life …

However, in this life, Wu Lin had not done anything outrageous, and she had been taught by everyone since she was young, so she could not do something like creating a trap for Wu Lin to lead him to his own death.

He could only wait.

She believed that a person would not change that much.

He had been so crazy in his previous life. Even if he had separated from Huo Chulan early in this life, Xing Jiu ‘an believed that he would not change his nature.

Wu Lin was originally a very selfish person and had done a lot of disgusting things. In his previous life, for the sake of Huo Chulan … He seemed to have added a selfish side to Huo Chulan. In this life, he was only doing it for himself.

Xing Jiu ‘an planned to wait for a year. After a year, he would make a move on the Wu family’s business.

There were countless forces behind her, and any one of them was enough to make the Wu family unable to stand up.

In her previous life, Wu Lin had caused her death, and the Wu family had disgusted her for a long time. She had only wanted to take revenge.

However, he didn’t expect the Wu family to be so capable!

It hadn’t been half a year yet. The Wu family looked fine on the outside, but in fact, they were only left with a bright and beautiful shell.

There was no need to talk about Wu Lin. If his wife’s family really wanted to use public opinion, he would be the first to bear the brunt.

The Wu family’s business would also be more unstable because of his identity as the heir. At that time, Wu Lin’s wife’s family might be the biggest beneficiary.