The true young miss is a spoiled boss – Chapter 397

Chapter 397: The Wu family’s matter

The Wu family had no cooperation with the businesses under Minister mu. They had a chance to cooperate before, but Xing Jiu ‘an had rejected it.

Anyway, there were many partners, and they didn’t lack the Wu family’s project.

Moreover, if Xing Jiu ‘an said he didn’t like it, then Mu Qing wouldn’t work with the Wu family.

However, it was a coincidence that Xing Jiu ‘an went to the head office and found out that the Wu family wanted to cooperate with him. Otherwise, he might have really cooperated with the Wu family.

After that, Mu Qing informed her subordinates not to work with the Wu family in the future.

However, Xing Jiu ‘an didn’t want to let Qing Mu suffer, so he chose Qing MU’s company as his partner.

It was a big project of a branch company under the gern family. It was a win – win situation for both sides.

Xing Jiu ‘an didn’t care about her before, and Mu Qing didn’t like her relationship with Mr. Gern.

However, now that she had revealed her identity as the heir to uncle gern, she could also use her power to bring some benefits to her.

However, if he had to choose, he would probably want Xing Jiu ‘an and Mr. Gern to stay away from each other.

“Also, that Wu Lin isn’t a good person.” Zheng ze suddenly said.

“According to the people I sent over, when the mistress pushed the pregnant wife down the stairs, he was watching from not far away.”

“What’s the situation now?” Xing Jiu ‘an asked in a calm voice, as if he didn’t have any emotions about this matter.

“The child can’t be saved, and she lost too much blood. It’s hard to say if she can keep her life.”

“Little San and the family behind him are controlled by both the Wu family and Wu Lin’s wife’s family. That family can’t even compare to Wu Lin’s wife’s family, let alone the two families together.”

“It’s funny to think about it. That family knew that this illegitimate daughter was Wu Lin’s mistress, but they didn’t say anything. They still hoped that this illegitimate daughter would really become the wife of the Wu family’s heir, and even incited her to quickly get pregnant with Wu Lin’s child. ”

Zheng ze laughed sarcastically.”The Wu family values their reputation so much. How could they accept their heir fooling around outside and even bring her back to be the wife of the head of the household?”

“If Wu Lin really wants to marry her, then he’ll have to give up his status as the successor.” Xing Jiu ‘an said indifferently.

“That’s right!”

“It’s not just that!”

“This time, the woman wants an explanation from the Wu family. The Wu family wants to suppress the matter, but the woman doesn’t want to let them have their way.”

“Their plan was to let the two of them get a divorce after this incident and split a large sum of money from the Wu family.”

Xing Jiu ‘an had also thought of this.

The Wu family was a family that valued their reputation very much. Moreover, after such a thing had happened, the mistress had pushed the principal wife down the stairs, the child was gone, and the adult’s fate was unknown. Wu Lin’s inheritance rights would most likely be taken away.

The Wu family was not a United family.

Previously, it was the Wu family’s old master who thought highly of Wu Lin, so he directly gave him the identity of the heir. Who knew how many people behind him were waiting to pull him down and take the position themselves!

Once this incident happened, even if the Wu family’s old master still favored Wu Lin, there would still be people who would disagree.

Growing up in the Wu family, no one was more distinguished than the other. It was just that Wu Lin was slightly doted on and his ability was slightly stronger.

Right now, he had made a fatal mistake. Not only were the others eyeing the identity of the heir, but the company’s shareholders would also not allow Wu Lin to continue to occupy the identity of the heir.