Chapter 395: The theoretical master Xing Jiu ‘an

Xing Jiu ‘an seemed to be relieved.”Fortunately, I’m your PE teacher for the time being. Otherwise, you would have been delayed by me.”

There was a smile in her eyes when she spoke. Her voice was very relaxed, and it seemed like she was relieved. The students around her couldn’t help but laugh.

“Actually, if teacher Xin can be a good teacher, she needs to find a super top student like teacher Xin. A God – like student is more suitable to be teacher Xin’s student.”

Su yize couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this.

The person who spoke was his good friend.

“When did you become Xing Chui?” Su yize raised his voice and asked. The young man’s voice was clear and he smiled.

“I’ve always been telling the truth. ” The young man was unconvinced.

Xing Jiu ‘an thought for a while. She did have someone she could teach well.

For example, Qi Lei!

The students around her were talking to her, and Xing Jiu ‘an was also chatting with them. She was quite relaxed.

Ou Qi and Mu Qing were waiting for Xing Jiu ‘an in the office, and they couldn’t help but come out to have a look.

From a distance, he could see Xing Jiu ‘an surrounded by a group of students.

The smile on the girl’s face was especially clean, and she was smiling even when she spoke.

Mu Qing watched from afar and felt a little happy.

“Su yize’s idea is pretty good. Although Jiu ‘an isn’t here to teach, but to be a teacher, she’s still very happy.” OQI said as she looked at the scene.

“Okay,” Mu Qing replied. She looked around for a while more before returning to her office.

Xing Jiu ‘an was a flamboyant person, and she knew a lot of things. She could talk about almost anything the students talked to her about.

As long as they didn’t talk about chasing idols, makeup, or playing games!

It was probably because of these …

A young girl who was very interested in design asked Xing Jiu ‘an some questions about design.

To be honest, what Xing Jiu ‘an had learned was more complicated, and it wasn’t a formal study. He had to study it in private and sometimes asked Lin Yu.

However, the girl was still a beginner, so her questions weren’t difficult. Moreover, Xing Jiu ‘an knew a lot about theoretical knowledge, so it wasn’t difficult for him to answer them.

A student sighed and said that Xing Jiu ‘an knew everything. He was really amazing.

Xing Jiu ‘an replied with a smile that she was a master of theory, but many things needed to be put into practice, so what she knew was nothing.

She was telling the truth.

Because she was born with a smart mind, her memory was also very good. Moreover, because she had learned a lot and read a lot of books, there were many things that she had not tried after reading some books.

For example, some of the questions that the young lady had asked him were things that she had read in books and had confirmed with Lin ran. He had never tried them before.

Perhaps because they were curious about Xing Jiu ‘an, many students surrounded him and chatted with him. They talked about this and that. If not for the lack of time, they might have even wanted to talk about life ideals with Xing Jiu’ an.

Su yize was the most unhappy one.

He was originally next to Xing Jiu ‘an, but he was slowly squeezed out of the crowd.

Su yize was especially jealous when he saw little Senior Sister chatting happily with others.

But he had no choice, little Senior Sister didn’t belong to him alone!

Finally, the school bell rang. Everyone was quite reluctant to part with Xing Jiu ‘an.

Xing Jiu ‘an said that she would be a substitute for everyone for a short period of time and would come back later.

The Sports Committee of the class created a group chat and asked su yize to add Xing jiuan as well.

In the future, if there was anything that they didn’t understand, they would ask Xing Jiu ‘an here.