The true young miss is a spoiled boss – Chapter 391

Chapter 391: Let go of the word “acting cute”

Xiao Zike didn’t care how much shock he had brought to the manager in the driver’s seat. He continued to cry at Ji Shu, making himself sound particularly miserable.

The wife that he had finally managed to win over had found someone else he liked in the past few days …

Their period of love had not even passed and he, Xiao Zike, was already being thrown into the cold Palace?

Ji Shu replied to Xing Jiu ‘an’s words on the other end, feeling a headache.

“Xiao Zike, if you’re not quiet, tonight’s date will be canceled.”

Xiao Zike immediately quieted down, only using his good – looking eyes to look at Ji Shu with hidden bitterness.

Ji Shu ignored him.

After she was chased by Xiao Zike for a period of time, she discovered that although handsome guys were handsome, there was more or less something wrong with their brains.

Wasn’t this just a coincidence? she actually quite liked this kind of handsome guy who had a little problem with his brain.

However, although she could accept the transition from a poisonous tongue to a coquettish whine, she more or less wanted to get him some medicine to eat.

This character’s image had collapsed, and there was no skin to be found!

In the past, Xiao Zike, the Best Actor Xiao, was a well – known cold Prince Charming. He never took on any emotional scenes.

Who would have thought that he would be in such a relationship!

However, she looked quite likable.

Ji Shu pinched his face and Xiao Zike blinked his eyes at her.

Ji Shu was speechless.

“Please let go of the word ‘acting cute’. It really doesn’t suit you.”

“…I’m sad. ”

“Let’s get over it. ” Ji Shu instantly turned cold.

“Then I won’t be sad anymore. Let’s talk.” Xiao Zike hurriedly said.

“What do you want to say?”

“Let’s talk about who you were talking to just now. ”

Ji Shu was speechless.

“You can continue to be troubled.”

“I don’t want to be sad.” Xiao Zike snorted.

It wasn’t that Ji Shu really didn’t want to tell him. It wasn’t a bad thing to contact Xing Jiu ‘an. It was just that Xiao Zike’s appearance made her want to tease him.

She did not continue. She knew when to stop.”I’m chatting with jiuan,” she said softly.

“Jiuan?” Xiao Zike was puzzled.

“Yes, Xing Jiu ‘an.”

“The young lady that the Huo family just found?” Xiao Zike knew a little, but he often stayed outside and didn’t go back much, so he didn’t know much.

“Yeah, I met her when I was filming a variety show. She’s a very good girl.”

“I know, you said you like her a lot.” Xiao Zike recalled what had happened and continued to be jealous.

“That’s enough. ” Ji Shu said indifferently.

“It’s not enough yet. You haven’t even said that you like me. ”

Ji Shu looked at Xiao Zike’s manager who was driving in front.

“It’s okay, just pretend I don’t exist. I’m just a tool for driving. You don’t have to pay attention to me.” Xiao Zike’s manager’s name was lü Yi, and he was related to Xiao Zike by blood. He had been taking care of Xiao Zike ever since he entered the entertainment industry and had had enough of Xiao Zike’s venomous tongue and temper. He didn’t expect that his venomous tongue would suddenly become like this one day, and it was even more shocking!

Was it true that love changed people?

If someone had told him that Xiao Zike would become like this one day, he would have thought that the person was talking nonsense.

Now, after seeing so many of Xiao Zike’s expressions, he had completely calmed down.

It’s fine, the character is Xiao Zike ‘s, the car flipping is also his.

It had nothing to do with him, the manager!

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