The true young miss is a spoiled boss – Chapter 387

Chapter 387: Boss su

It was a private school with a high enrollment rate and good teachers. The tuition was also very expensive.

However, there were a lot of subsidies and scholarships for poor students here, and the school fees were free for students with excellent grades. In addition, they could get very high scholarships. As long as the children from ordinary families were excellent in their studies, it would not cost a lot to study here.

This school was also known as an aristocratic high school, not only because of its high tuition, but also because it would train students in other courses.

Etiquette classes, talent classes, and other courses were all available for students to choose.

Su yize briefly explained to Xing Jiu ‘an, who nodded.

It was the time to return to school. Su yize was a popular figure in the school and many people were looking at him.

Xing Jiu ‘an had been quite popular on the internet recently and most people knew her. They were quite surprised to see su yize walking with her.

It was almost time. Su yize had to go back to the classroom and separate from Xing Jiu ‘an and the others.

Just as he reached the stairs, he was pulled back.

“Boss su, do you know the Huo family’s daughter?” The person who spoke was a Sunny Boy with a height of almost 1.8 meters and a tanned skin.

“You’re so rude, call me sister. ” Su yize glared at him.

“There’s something wrong with you, boss. That … Sister, do you know her?”

Su yize said proudly,”then, when you see my little Senior Sister in the future, be more respectful, okay?”

“Your little Senior Sister?” The boy had just shouted in surprise, but when he noticed that someone was looking over, he quickly lowered his voice.

“The kind that has a master?”

“Yes, the kind that has a master.” Su yize adjusted his crumpled coat and answered the man’s question as he walked.

“Oh my God, so Lin Qi is your senior brother?”

“And Lin Qi, my goddess Su Yin, and that Big Shot in the archeology world are all your senior brothers and sisters?”

“Probably,” Su yize replied nonchalantly.

“No, what do you mean by ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’ t ‘? if it’ s ‘should’, it ‘s’ should ‘. If it’ s ‘not’, it ‘s’ not ‘. What do you mean by’ should ‘?”

“I just acknowledged him as my master, so I haven’t recognized him yet.”

Now, the person he was closest to in the sect was his little Senior Sister Xing Jiu ‘an.

“No way, How long have you been under your master?”

“What did you learn from your master?”

“You talk a lot.” Su yize looked at him expressionlessly.

“I just asked a few questions.” The young man said innocently.

“I still have one more question. Who is your master? he must be very powerful to have so many outstanding disciples.”

Su yize paused.”Stop asking so much.”

“You’re not going to tell me?”

“I don’t want to tell you.” Su yize pulled a long face, as if he found the other party annoying.

“If you don’t want to tell me, then don’t tell me. You’re boss su, after all!”

The key was that he couldn’t beat the other party.

Su yize didn’t know much about his master, but it was his parents who had asked him to be his disciple.

In the beginning, he was not very willing because he wanted to play at home during the summer vacation and did not want to follow his master to the mountains.

In the end, he was still left there by his parents.

He stayed in the mountains for a while. His master made him do some basic movements for martial arts every day. As time passed, he got used to it.

Later, he found that it was really fun in the mountains. Master, eldest brother, and sixth sister were all very good.