The true young miss is a spoiled boss – Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Going to school

Shuoshuo hesitated for a moment before he handed over a piece of chocolate.

“For uncle.”

“Shuoshuo, you’re so obedient.” Huo Yunqi happily took the chocolate and carefully put it in his pocket.

The others ridiculed him for asking for a child’s snacks, but the next second, they coaxed shuoshuo to ask for more.

Xing Jiu didn’t have a lot of chocolate, so the two children each had a few pieces.

Shuoshuo looked at the remaining chocolate he had and felt a little embarrassed.”Shuoshuo, I don’t have much left.”

His mother had wanted to walk with Him before.

Huo Xiaoxiao moved to the side. She wasn’t going to give it to him anyway.

She had already eaten two pieces, and her parents had given her one each. Now, she only had two pieces left.

Shuoshuo took out his chocolate and counted it. “There are only three left.”

Not to mention one for each person, even half of them would not be enough to share.

Shuoshuo frowned.”I’m not giving it to you anymore. Shuoshuo, keep it for yourself.”

He put the chocolate back into his pocket and was determined not to give it to her.

Everyone sighed regretfully. They thought that Huo Yunqi was really lucky, but they could not snatch a child’s chocolate. They could only let go of this thought.

“I have a gift from Yanyan anyway.” Old master Huo’s words made everyone look at him with envy.

He smiled smugly.”It’s late. It’s time to rest. You guys can go back too.”

The old man took his gift and went upstairs.

Old Madam Huo said to the old man and followed him upstairs.

The rest of the people didn’t get anything else. Seeing the two children’s vigilant eyes, they all went back to their own rooms.

Su yize stayed there for two days, and it was time for Xing Jiu ‘an to go to school with him.

The incident near Qi Lei was already in the past. They had been thinking too much.

Back then, they had already dealt with most of those people, and most of them were going to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Although there were a few who had escaped, they had been running around in the beginning and had to prepare for various things later on.

It was also not long ago that they began to prepare to re – establish the organization.

Qi Lei’s neighborhood was their second place to check out. They would usually look for young people.

When they were caught, they had already caught seven or eight young men and women. Fortunately, they had not started their experiments yet, so they were all intact. Apart from being a little frightened, nothing else happened. They were much luckier than Qi Lei.

This time, the organization was completely taken care of, and Qi Lei was allowed to go back to his place, just in time for class to start.

Su yize was sitting in the car with his bag on his back. Mu Qing was driving and ou Qi was following them.

Xing Jiu ‘an also carried a simple backpack with nothing in it.

“Little Senior Sister, when the time comes, can you be my deskmate?” Su yize asked excitedly.

He had been very excited for the past two days.

“Then what about your deskmate?” Xing Jiu ‘an chuckled.

“It’s fine. Just let him sit anywhere. He doesn’t mind. ”

Xing Jiu ‘an shook his head.”We’ll see.”

She was only going there to play for a few days. She might not want to be a student anymore and become a teacher.

Anyway, she could teach almost anything.

When they arrived, Mu Qing contacted someone and drove straight in.

There was a parking space on campus. He stopped the car and got out of the car with the others.

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