The true young miss is a spoiled boss – Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Little Auntie gave me chocolate

Xing jiuan paused for a moment and seemed to have discovered something.

She said softly,”I’ll find time to go with you after that.”

“Yes, yes.” Qi Lei quickly nodded, looking exceptionally happy.

Su yize looked at Qi Lei and wanted to say something, but if he asked for more, Qi Lei would definitely ask for it.

No, he could not give Qi Lei that chance!

Hence, su yize decided to take a short break.

Xing Jiu ‘an also finally had a good meal.

Su yize’s cold cucumber salad was really good. Xing Jiu ‘an praised him a few times, and then Qi Lei asked her to eat some fruit.

Xing Jiu ‘an subconsciously took a strawberry while Qi Lei took her bowl and chopsticks and was about to wash them.

“Wait, I …” Xing Jiu ‘an was interrupted.

“Sis, you can eat the fruits. I’ll wash them for you. It’s not troublesome.”

Xing Jiu ‘an nodded in a daze.

Su yize looked at his own bowl and chopsticks, picked them up, and followed her.

Qi Lei washed the dishes slowly and ignored su yize who came in later.

Beside him, su yize glanced at him and washed the dishes with all his might.

Qi Lei stopped for a moment.”Maybe you should learn how to wash the dishes.”

Didn’t this mean that he was stupid?

Su yize looked over and glared at her.”I know how to shower.”

Qi Lei ignored him and walked out of the kitchen after he put the dishes away.

Su yize quickly washed his dishes and followed him out.

Xing Jiu ‘an had just received the news, and he hoped that she would come up with a set of jewelry design as soon as possible.

Xing Jiu ‘an just had some inspiration, so he went to her studio after eating some fruits.

When the two of them came out, Xing Jiu ‘an had just entered.

They didn’t look at each other. One of them was playing on her phone, while the other was watching TV.

In the Huo family, it was a different scene.

The party ended at 8:30 pm. After the guests left, old master Huo asked someone to bring Xing Jiu ‘an’s gift over.

That painting was painted by a very famous painter in ancient times. In the past, the other paintings and calligraphy of that painter were sold for tens of millions. This painting was a birthday painting. The entire painting gave people a very shocking feeling, and its value was extremely high.

There was also that set of brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. They were all very rare, and it would take a lot of effort to find them. It was very difficult to get them even if you had money.

Old master Huo looked at the birthday gift that Xing Jiu ‘an had given him and was extremely happy.

This was probably the best gift he had received in the past twenty years.

When the others saw the gift from Xing Jiu ‘an, they were also shocked.

The Huo family was indeed rich and powerful, but not all of the younger generation could easily take out such precious gifts. The combined value of these two gifts was about tens of millions, which was difficult for many people to get.

Xing Jiu ‘an had been away for so long, and not only had he made himself extremely outstanding, but he had also unexpectedly spent such a large amount of money. It seemed like it was nothing to her.

Old master Huo was so happy that he couldn’t bear to part with the gift that Xing Jiu ‘an had given him.

He also asked shuoshuo and Huo Xiaoxiao what they thought of little aunt and what they said to her.

The two children answered obediently. It was obvious that they liked Xing Jiu ‘an very much, and their little aunt was very happy.

“Auntie gave me some chocolate.” Shuoshuo stretched out his hand. The chocolate in his hand was wrapped exquisitely. It was not big.

“Shuoshuo, be good. Give uncle one, okay?” Huo Yunqi squatted down beside him and coaxed him.

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