Chapter 380: I want to … Play with little aunt

A four or five – year – old boy from the Huo family’s side branch ran away quietly while his parents were talking to others. By the time his parents noticed, he had already run to Xing Jiu ‘an’s side.

“Little aunt.” The child’s voice was childish. He raised his little head and his eyes were clear and pure. The White and tender child was like a little fairy.

He seemed to be very obedient. He put his hands by his side and looked at Xing Jiu ‘an without making a fuss.

The child had been taught well by his parents. He was very sensible and well – behaved. In addition, he was very good – looking, which made people’s hearts soften.

Xing Jiu ‘an smiled at him, and Huo Xiaoxiao, who was beside him, said that he was the child of an uncle.

The child heard her and obediently called her ‘sister’.

“Where’s your mom and dad?”Xiaoxiao asked, patting his head.”I’ll send you home, okay?”

“I want to play with … Auntie.” The child was a little stubborn and wanted to reach out to hold Xing Jiu ‘an.

Huo Xiaoxiao had heard about it from her parents and was worried that Xing Jiu ‘an wouldn’t like it. She was about to stop him, but Xing Jiu’ an also extended his finger and let the child hold it.

“You want to play with me?” Xing Jiu ‘an half squatted down and asked him with his eyes curved.

It was as if the coldness in her body had disappeared, and her voice was exceptionally gentle.

Huo Xiaoxiao paused for a second and then laughed.

Even though little Auntie didn’t want to come back, she was a really nice person.

Back then, she had rescued her from the human traffickers. When she talked to her little aunt, her little aunt would also talk to her very gently and would not ignore her.

She seemed to be very cold, but also … It seemed that very few people would notice her gentleness.

The child nodded shyly, holding Xing Jiu ‘an’s finger and not letting go.

“Then what’s your name?”

“He’s called shuoshuo. ” The child’s voice was childish as he answered seriously.

Lu zhichen happened to come over at this time. He saw Xing Jiu ‘an half – squatting and talking to the child in front of him.

The child looked about the same age as little Xing Jiu ‘an, whom he had met at that time.

He walked over and met Mu Qing’s cold eyes.

Lu zhilie paused.

She wanted to turn around, but she saw su yize’s fearful eyes.


In another place, there was still the kid and Huo Xiaoxiao.

Lu zhilie was stunned.

This was the first time he felt so clearly how difficult it was to pursue Xing Jiu ‘an.

Not to mention how difficult it was to pursue Xing Jiu ‘an, wanting to get close to her …

He couldn’t even count the number of people blocking his way!

On the other side, the child’s parents saw this situation, but they didn’t go over to bring their child back.

Xing Jiu ‘an seemed to be quite patient with children.

Huo Xiaoxiao was like this, and so was shuoshuo.

It seemed that she was still able to accept the Huo family.

Old master Huo and old Madam Huo naturally saw the situation over there. Seeing that the two juniors seemed to be quite happy at Xing Jiu ‘an’s place, the two hundred – year – old elderly people were particularly envious of the two children.

Huo Yanqi and Huo Yanyuan also saw the situation.

Huo Yunqi looked at her for a while and said to his brother,”if you had gotten married and had children earlier, Yanyan might have looked at you more.”

Huo Yanyuan was speechless.

He was already 28 years old, but he had no interest in getting married and having children.

Previously, he had been focused on the family business, but now he was focused on Xing Jiu ‘an.

However, the Huo family was more open – minded and did not rush him.

Their master and uncle – Master didn’t stay here for long. When someone came to look for them, they went over to say a few words. They didn’t expect that when they came back, Xing Jiu ‘an would be surrounded by the Huo family’s juniors.