The true young miss is a spoiled boss – Chapter 372

Chapter 372: He just likes Xing Jiu ‘an

Xing Jiu ‘an currently had a good impression of Lu zhichen, but unfortunately, his senior brothers, master, and senior sisters didn’t like him.

Moreover, ever since Lu zhichen had come to look for her, she realized that the gazes that people gave her had become even stranger.

Even she felt a little suffocated from the situation just now.

Thus, she had come here with Lu zhichen, feeling awkward.

She had wanted to tell him not to be by her side later.

However, when she saw Lu zhichen smiling at her with an especially sincere gaze, she could not say anything.

She felt that it would be wrong of her to say something like that, as if she was a scumbag.

It wasn’t that Xing Jiu ‘an couldn’t accept being sized up by others. Although he didn’t feel very comfortable in his heart, he didn’t feel anything.

She looked at Lu zhichen for a while more, but she still gave up on saying those words to him.

If the two of them were alone for too long, he didn’t know what other people would think. Most importantly, it was hard to say to his master and senior brother, as Xing Jiu ‘an and Lu zhichen had gone out together.

In fact, Lu zhichen really wanted to stay with Xing Jiu ‘an for a while longer.

It was just the two of them, so it was good to have a casual chat.

However, he was very obedient.

Xing Jiu ‘an said that he wanted to go back. Although he didn’t really want to, he didn’t say anything and followed Xing Jiu’ an back.

The two of them left for a while, and when they returned, their expressions didn’t change much …

No, Lu zhichen seemed to be smiling happily.

Xing Jiu ‘an was still as cold as ever.

Many people thought that the girl that the Huo family had brought back was really amazing. The young master of the SU family and Lu zhichen were so close to her.

Su yize treated Xing Jiu ‘an like a big sister, but Lu zhichen was different. Moreover, his thoughts seemed to be very obvious.

He just liked Xing Jiu ‘an.

But …

Many people had other thoughts.

The Lu family and the Huo family were the top rich families in the capital and even the country. They had hundreds of years of history.

Just one of them was already an existence that other families could not afford to provoke. If the two families were really connected by marriage, the strong would join forces and become even more powerful.

Moreover, the Huo family was able to sever Huo Chulan’s ties with them and had also done a lot for Xing Jiu ‘an …

Although there wasn’t a banquet for Xing Jiu ‘an yet, there might be one soon. Moreover, Xing Jiu’ an had been exposed to be so outstanding, so the Huo family would probably like her very much.

Huo Chulan, who had a fake identity, was already pampered by the Huo family. She had even done a lot of embarrassing and bad things. The Huo family had never said anything about it, let alone Xing Jiu ‘an.

She already had a lot of things before she came to the Huo family, and she even knew a lot of upper – Class families. She was also so outstanding that no matter which family she went to, she would be doted on, let alone the Huo family.

Even if it was just to maintain their relationship on the surface.

Having such an outstanding junior was also the glory of the family.

Yuan Meng high school was known to all the families, but only a few of the younger generation in the family could enter.

Even if one’s family was powerful and influential, one still needed to reach a certain level of excellence to be able to enter.

Yuan Meng school only accepted a small number of people from all over the world every year. The tuition fees were affordable for ordinary families, and the annual scholarships were almost enough to buy a house in a third – tier city in China.

There was no need for investment or anything to maintain the school’s operation!