Chapter 369: Could it be that there’s a grudge

Lu zhichen’s goal was very clear. It was Xing Jiu ‘an.

He walked a little fast, and some people who saw him and wanted to talk to him had to stop.

They all wanted to see who Lu zhichen was going to find.

In the past, no matter which banquet Lu zhichen went to, he would just casually chat with the people he came and went. Since the Lu family’s status was high, Lu zhichen’s status was also high. Even if Lu zhichen ignored people, there were still countless people who hoped to have a chat with him.

In the past, Lu zhichen had never been so anxious.

It was as if he couldn’t wait to go to someone’s side.

Everyone looked on curiously and was surprised to find that Lu zhichen had also gone to the house of the young lady that the Huo family had just found.

Mr. And Mrs. Su were a little surprised. They had been talking about cooperation with the Lu family recently, but they had not really worked together yet.

Father su and Lu zhichen greeted each other. Lu zhichen nodded and said,”jiuan.”

Xing Jiu ‘an looked at him and said,”yes.”

Compared to Lu zhichen’s slightly agitated look, Xing Jiu ‘an was calm and cold.

Mr. And Mrs. Su looked at each other and realized Lu zhichen’s feelings for Xing Jiu ‘an. They then looked at su yize and could only give up on the idea of marriage.

Let su yize and Lu zhichen snatch her?

It was impossible to think about it.

At this moment, his uncle – Master suddenly said,”I think I’ve seen you before.”

Lu zhichen looked over. He had a good memory and naturally knew what his uncle – Master meant.

“We’ve met once before,” Lu zhichen nodded slightly.

This was the Fortune – teller who had pulled him back and told him that the person he loved was about to be in danger. He didn’t expect to see him here. It seemed that he was the person who was with Xing Jiu ‘an.

He was a little surprised, but Xing Jiu ‘an knew so many people, and he had only met a few of them.

Father su and mother su could clearly feel that ever since Lu zhichen had arrived, the atmosphere had suddenly turned cold.

It seemed to be from the senior brother Mu Qing …

Moreover, ever since Lu zhichen had arrived, Xing Jiu ‘an had been rather quiet. In addition, his master’s gaze was not very calm either …

Could it be that there was a grudge between them?

Lu zhichen did not feel embarrassed. He saw the look in Mu Qing’s eyes, but he did not care. However, he still had something to say to his master.

His master’s appearance had not changed much. He looked almost the same as when Lu zhichen had gone there when he was young, so he naturally recognized him.

“Elder Xing.” He greeted his master.

His master looked at him a few times before snorting lightly, as if agreeing.

When Xing Jiu ‘an was injured because he had to find Lu zhichen, Xing Jiu’ an’s senior brothers and sisters were not the only ones who were angry. How could master not be angry?

The child that she had watched grow up was so small, and just calling him ‘master’ obediently and softly could make people’s hearts melt.

He was dumbfounded when he saw little Xing Jiu ‘an’s body covered in blood and his life or death unknown.

Later, the young lady was in the hospital for emergency treatment and was unconscious for a few days. He didn’t even dare to think about what he felt at that time.

At that time, he had thought that he would never let the young lady see Lu zhichen again.

The little girl was his benefactor. He had passed his tribulation.

However, Lu zhichen seemed to be Xing Jiu ‘an’s misfortune. Lu zhichen had recovered, but Xing Jiu’ an had almost died on the day he had left.

Her master had even wondered if Lu zhichen’s disaster had been transferred to Xing Jiu ‘an, which was why that day had ended up like that.