Chapter 363: Might As Well Call God Xing

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The accompanying photos were of Xing Jiuan’s various perfect scores, her award-winning photos, and a photo of the school leader and Xing Jiuan.

In the photo with the school leader, Xing Jiuan seemed to be at odds with the others.

[I worship the Almighty, I’m convinced…]
[I can’t envy this result.]
[Hahaha, hahaha, I’m dying of laughter. Xing Jiuan, who was holding the trophy, had a forced look on her face as if she was forced to start work.]
[School leader: I’m so happy, I’m so happy!!!

Xing Jiuan: I’m forced to open business. Ignore me, or I’ll beat you up.]

[You’re absolutely right. I really thought that Xing Jiuan was going to hit someone the next second.]
[Boss, do you need a leg accessory like me? The kind that knows how to play video games and has been to university?]
[Hey, God An doesn’t know how to play games]
[I rushed over when I heard the news and greeted God An.]
[Dear An, wait for me. I’ll be right back in China.]

There was suddenly a lot of other news in the comments, which was very strange.

When he clicked on it, he saw that some were newly registered alternate accounts, and some were actually celebrities from China and overseas.

Some had made outstanding contributions in scientific research, some were outstanding in the entertainment industry, and most were listed as private accounts.

They seemed to be especially close to Xing Jiuan when they addressed her as God An. Just God An alone was enough to shock everyone.

However, there were also some whose thoughts were not on the same line as theirs.

“Hahaha, why does God An sound so awkward to me?!”

[She might as well be called God Xing!]
[I’m different. I call all the big shots I see God!]
[God, do you want a disciple? The super outstanding one!!!]
[I’ve never seen such a person who knows how to praise himself! What are you selling? Are you that good at praising?]
[No, she’s really outstanding. She’s the God of studies from the top university in Country Y, okay? She doesn’t study hard and goes home to inherit the family fortune!]
[Big brother is actually beside me!!!]
[I’m impressed. Is this the treatment of a big boss? She doesn’t have to do anything to get another big boss to rush over when he hears the news, and I can only watch helplessly]
[Indeed, the outstanding ones play with the outstanding ones]
[No, no one noticed Xing Jiuan’s trophies. Oh my God, our school’s God of studies participated in one of the competitions and worked hard for a few months to get the third prize. It’s already not easy. Xing Jiuan won a special prize, a special prize!!! By the way, my coordinates are from University A… I’m from the same school as the current Xing Jiuan.]
[The person above is a genius!!!]
[The lowly me is trembling. Why do I feel like so many Gods have exploded on Weibo?]
[This is everything that has happened between me and the Almighty recently. I took a photo with her and took a screenshot]

The netizens spoke their own thoughts. However, although this trending topic could not be lowered for a long time, it did not affect Xing Jiuan much.

It probably had some impact, but it was also good. Xing Jiuan’s degree had been personally sent out by Yuan Meng School, along with a photo of the school leader and Xing Jiuan. Furthermore, Xing Jiuan had graduated from Yuan Meng School in less than four years.

She had already gotten her secondary school, high school, and university degrees together. It could be said that it was already beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Although Xing Jiuan did not know why she was registered at University A, University A would still be proud to have such an outstanding student.

It was like a hot comment that was praised later on.

[Although I don’t know what other status Xing Jiuan has and how many alternate identities she has, I know that no one will insult her again because of her educational background!]