The true young miss is a spoiled boss – Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Yuan Meng School

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[I’ve never seen anyone send so many lawyer’s letters at once! I’m impressed!!!]
[Xing Jiuan’s design is really good. I learned how to design. Her design is especially spirited. If I had a company, I would have invited her too!!!]
[I don’t want to say anything else. I just want to know how many identities Xing Jiuan has. It’s said that she was someone who had never attended high school. How can she have so many identities?]
[She has such outstanding Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters. She can leave us in the dust just by learning.]
[Whether I should say it or not, I like her face]
[Hey, I like her face too, but I like her status more. I see that her Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters quite like her. Each of them is quite outstanding. If I had their love, I would wake up laughing in my dreams.]
[What is the person above thinking? I’m different. I want her inspiration. I’ll definitely become an outstanding designer!!]
[Hey, where did you buy your pillow from? You can have such a good dream in broad daylight?]
[I want to ask… Did you guys see a message…]
[Can you not be mute?]
[Did you guys see the message sent by her Yuan Meng School? It’s just that message. Oh my God, you guys even said that Xing Jiuan’s education level was bad. How many people can compare to her? I’m kneeling first…]
[Can you finish speaking? What Yuan Meng School? What is that? Are you looking for trouble?]
[It’s not your fault that you’re ignorant, but it’s embarrassing if you’re not knowledgeable enough. Find out for yourself. Otherwise, just wait and see the trending searches. They’ll be available soon]
[Speaking of which, is this the Yuan Meng School I know? If it really is, I’ll kneel down too…]
[Can you be more clear? What are you talking about?]
[Alright, another ignorant one]
[This school is not famous to begin with. ^ You don’t have to say that, right?]
[The class representative is here. Let me introduce it to everyone: Yuan Meng School has a history of hundreds of years. It is the top school in the world. From ancient times until now, it only recruits the most outstanding students from all over the world and the heirs and relatives of the top aristocrats and families from all over the world. Take note. Most importantly, from junior high to university, there are less than a hundred students recruited every year around the world.]
[A school that even the rich can’t enter!!!]
[Okay, I understand. I’m already on my knees. So, what’s the relationship between this school and Xing Jiuan? Don’t tell me you’re going to say that Xing Jiuan studied here? Don’t joke around. She’s a registered student at University A.]
[No, do you not have eyes or something? Is it that difficult to investigate?]
[Oh my God, I saw it. I’m back. I’m kneeling down. I’ve decided that I want to be a fan of Xing Jiuan. I want to be her fan. Can I get into a good university by becoming a God of studies?]

Sure enough, there was another mention of Xing Jiuan on the trending searches. Everyone clicked on it. It was a Weibo message from Yuan Meng School.

This was an account that had been registered a long time ago. However, there were only tens of thousands of fans now. The number of Weibo posts they had could be counted with one hand. This was the first time they had specially posted for a student.

[Yuan Meng Official: Xing Jiuan is an outstanding student in our school. Moreover, it’s not gentlemanly to judge a person’s length based on their educational background (photo*9)]

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