Chapter 360: They Are Indeed Siblings

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Xing Jiuan hugged Xing Xiaoguai and gently squeezed its little paw. “Xing Xiaoguai, you have to be polite, okay?”

“Meow…” Xing Xiaoguai meowed obediently.

“Don’t be fierce to Sister Ou Qi, okay?”

Xing Xiaoguai seemed to understand. It buried its head in Xing Jiuan’s arms and whined.

Ou Qi: “…”

Before the fierce person could feel aggrieved, the fierce person’s cat had already felt aggrieved.

Xing Xiaoguai, you’re so awesome.

However, Xing Jiuan was not a parent who would spoil her child.

She picked Xing Xiaoguai up and looked into its eyes. Its crystal clear eyes seemed to be a little embarrassed as it hugged Xing Jiuan’s hand with its little paws and wanted to bury its face.

“You can’t randomly be fierce to people in the future, okay?” Xing Jiuan tried to reason with it.

Qi Lei could not help but look at her when she saw how Xing Jiuan was talking to Xing Xiaoguai seriously.


“Promise me by reaching out with a claw, okay?” Xing Jiuan stretched out a finger. Xing Xiaoguai really reached out and touched her with its little claw. It even cried out softly.

“This is too spiritual.” Ou Qi exclaimed. “Xing Xiaoguai, are you a kitten demon? Can you transform into a human?”

In the end, she sighed. “I’ve never seen such a humanoid cat. It’s as if it really understands!”

Xing Jiuan was especially proud.

“As expected of my Xing Xiaoguai!”

Xing Xiaoguai licked her hand affectionately and even raised its head to meow softly at her. It was so likable.

Master and Uncle-Master came over as well. When they saw a few people gathered there to look at the cat, they came over as well.

“This little fellow is quite good-looking,” her master said as he touched Xing Xiaoguai’s head.

Xing Xiaoguai subconsciously wanted to extend its claws, but it gave up in the end and allowed Master to rub its little head. It even called out to Xing Jiuan aggrievedly.

It looked really aggrieved.

Xing Jiuan could not help but shake her head and laugh.

“Master, Xing Xiaoguai won’t let you touch its head,” Xing Jiuan spoke for Xing Xiaoguai, who did not know how to speak.

“Alright then.” Her master retracted his hand.

“Touching this little head is quite fun.”

He seemed a little regretful.

Xing Jiuan smiled helplessly.

She placed Xing Xiaoguai down and prepared to tidy up its little house.

As it would occasionally stay here, she had specially reserved a room for Xing Xiaoguai here a long time ago.

There was a small castle and two cat nests inside. There was a big climbing rack and a cat scratching board.

When the young man came, he had brought along Xing Xiaoguai’s toys, snacks, and cat food. There was no need to buy more for the time being.

It was often cleaned inside and was not dirty. Xing Jiuan and Ou Qi cleaned it simply again. Xing Xiaoguai walked around and called out from time to time. It seemed like she was very satisfied with her new room.

“Xing Xiaoguai, I bought these especially for you. You have to treat me well, okay?” Ou Qi said as she packed.

Xing Xiaoguai did not want to acknowledge her.

However, it still meowed perfunctorily.

Ou Qi could not help but laugh.

“Jiuan, look at how proud it is. Does it look especially similar to Xing Xiaolang?”

Xing Jiuan thought about it carefully and realized that it was true.

The wolf and cat both liked her very much and were very obedient to her. To others, they were both cold and fierce. Furthermore, they were both quite proud.

Xing Jiuan smiled and said, “They really look alike.”

“As expected of siblings!”