Chapter 146: Why Is It Crying?

Phoebe’s eyes were bloodshot, and she clutched her head, screaming like crazy. “I don’t know. I don’t know anything! Don’t ask me anymore, okay!”

Then she rushed to the second floor and shut herself in the room.

Ada was confused.

What was wrong with this kid?

Claire returned to the Smiths’ house very late.

When she was about to enter her room, someone suddenly called her.

Ada trotted over carefully and said with a careful and fawning smile. “Claire, I heard… you are Master Nancy. Is this true?”

Claire’s face was cold. “Yes.”

Ada’s eyes lit up. “You…”

“But it has nothing to do with you.” Claire interrupted her impatiently, stepped into the room, and slammed the door with a bang.

Outside the door, Ada was still stunned, having a mixed feeling.

Claire turned out to be Master Nancy, which was simply incredible!

No wonder… no wonder that Claire could enter the last exhibition unimpeded.

That explained everything.

A few days ago, Ada was still being ridiculed by her friends behind her back. Tonight, many of them called and rushed to invite her to dinner.

As soon as Claire entered the room, the phone rang.

It was a strange number.

She hung up without thinking and threw her school bag aside.

But the person kept calling her. When her phone rang the fourth time, Claire picked it up and asked irritably. “Who is it?”

A woman’s soft voice resounded on the other end. “I am Noah.”

Claire narrowed her eyes slightly, pulled out the chair, and sat down, asking directly. “What’s the matter?”

“There is a small task for you. Come to my home. Let’s talk about it face to face. I’ll send you the address.”


After only a few words, Noah hung up the phone.

Claire liked her style.

Noah was never wordy.

After school, the next day, Claire carried her school bag and jumped off the bus. She followed the address given by Noah, and reached a small western-style building.

She approached the place and rang the doorbell.

Soon, the security door was opened, and a small white ball suddenly rushed out and hugged her thigh tightly.

Claire lowered her head and found that it was a little white dog.

“Hi.” In her nightgown, Noah walked to the door.

“Woof, woof!” The little white dog straightened up, bouncing around Claire’s feet.

It kept pulling her with its small paws.

Claire bent down and picked the little dog up with one hand.

The little dog’s watery eyes were filled with joy as if it knew her well. It held her hand tightly with its small paws, and stuffed its head into her palm as if begging to be touched.

Suddenly, the little dog’s body trembled slightly and it sobbed.

Claire pulled its head over, only to see that it was crying, making a whining sound, and looked extremely aggrieved.

“Why is it crying?” Claire asked.

Noah looked at the little dog, her eyes dimmed. “Maybe… it misses you.”

Miss me?

Claire frowned slightly.

It was the first time she met this dog. How could it miss her?

“Come in.”

Claire followed Noah into the house and wiped the little dog’s tears by the way. “What’s its name?”

“Fluffy.” Noah walked into the kitchen. “Take a seat.”

The living room was very large and empty without many furnishings. It was so empty that it didn’t feel like a home. It felt as if the place was filled with a lonely breath.

Sitting on the sofa, Claire picked up the ball on the side and teased the little dog.

“How old is it?”

Noah made tea and placed it in front of Claire. “Seven years old.”

Um… quite old.

“What’s the task?” Claire asked straightforwardly, throwing the ball in her hand, but the little dog was still stuck to her.

Noah lowered her eyes and took a sip of tea before she smiled. “I want you to go to the Life-Death Sect and steal a research report.”