Chapter 145: She Is My Youngest Disciple, Nancy

What… was happening here?

Even Phoebe’s eyes widened.

The two seemed to know each other very well, and everyone heard Claire call Master Rice teacher just now.

Was she really…

Still putting his arms around Claire, Master Rice looked at Mr. Garfield and gave a cold smile. “You want me to identify Claire’s identity, right? Yes, Claire is my youngest disciple… Nancy.”

His words were loud and clear.

There was dead silence in the office, and then, there were gasping sounds.

Mr. Garfield’s legs went weak, he staggered back a couple of steps, and his face turned extremely ugly.

He had just told Claire to wait for a face slap.

However… the person who was slapped in the face was him!

At this time, Phoebe also felt as if being struck by lightning, her brain buzzing.

Claire was Master Rice’s disciple?

Claire was Nancy?

For so many years, she had been longing to be a great painter.

And Nancy was her idol.

She had memorized every inch of her paintings by heart, copying and imitating it, fantasizing that she would become a painter as great as her.

However, now she was being told that her idol was Claire!

Was it a joke?!

No! She couldn’t accept this!

For a moment, Phoebe felt that her neck was being strangled and she was unable to breathe. She wished to smash her head against the wall and kill herself!

“Any questions?” Master Rice asked again, looking majestic with a dark face.

Mr. Garfield panicked so much that he didn’t even dare to look at Claire.

He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand. “No… no questions…”

“Since there is no further issue, we’re leaving. Claire, let me treat you to dinner.” Master Rice nodded politely at the crowd and then left the office with Claire.

In the office, Mr. Jones suddenly burst into laughter and pointed to a few stiff-faced teachers. “Did you see that? My student, Claire, did not plagiarize! And… she is Nancy!”

Claire took Master Rice to the door of Class 2, and Bruce ran out of the classroom.

“Granduncle? What are you doing here?”

The students of Class 2 poked their heads out and watched the scene.

“Who is that old man? He looks so familiar…”

“H*llyshit! He is Master Rice!”

At this moment, the first class also erupted in shock.

“What?! Claire is Master Nancy?!” Someone stood up in fright and overturned the desk.

Everyone was chattering, looking shocked.

This news was almost like a blockbuster, exploding their cognition to a rag.

Derek almost dropped his chin in shock. “Claire… she, she, she…”

However, Dora was not surprised at all.

She raised her chin, nodded her head, and looked proud. “She is much better than you think!”

Soon, Phoebe returned to the classroom. Her face was pale and her steps were heavy. She looked like a frosted eggplant.

As soon as she sat in her seat, Jessica immediately held her arm and asked. “Phoebe, what happened? They are saying that Claire is Nancy. Is this true?”

Phoebe didn’t speak, and lay prostrate on the desk. She buried her head in her arms, and her shoulders trembled violently.

Seeing big droplets of tears fall on the ground from her face, Jessica was terrified. “Phoebe, why are you crying? What happened?!”

Phoebe bit her lip hard to restrain herself from crying.

That evening.

Ada was dumbfounded after receiving the call.

As soon as Phoebe came back home from school, Ada hurriedly stepped forward and asked. “Phoebe, Mrs. Hawk just called and told me that Claire is Master Nancy. Did you hear about this in school?”