Chapter 144: Just Wait For A Face Slap

Master Rice was a leading figure in the painting industry and often appeared on TV and in newspapers. Therefore, everyone knew what he looked like.

In the photo, Master Rice and Claire were standing very close, looking intimate.

Everyone was shocked.

“This… this is really Master Rice!”

A teacher sneered and said, “Did you photoshop this photo?”

Others also began to snigger.

“Yes, what can one photo represent? I can photoshop ten or twenty pictures. This is obviously fake!”

Standing in the corner, Phoebe covered her mouth and sneered.

What a clumsy lie.

Claire is Nancy? How is it possible?!

“Unfortunately, I happen to know Master Rice and I have his contact information. Let me ask Master Rice if he recognizes you as his disciple.” Mr. Garfield’s tone was full of mockery. As he said that, he glanced at Claire.

To his surprise, under the warm sun, the girl was lazily leaning on the chair, with her eyes narrowed like a cozy cat. There wasn’t the slightest panic in those eyes.

Fine, let’s see how long you can hold on for!

Mr. Garfield immediately took out his cell phone, dialed a number, and clicked on the speakerphone.

Everyone leaned in closer, listening attentively.

After a few beeps, the call got through.

In an instant, Mr. Garfield’s attitude became extremely respectful, and he shouted enthusiastically. “Master Rice, sorry for bothering you. I am Howard.”

An old voice came from the other end. “Hi, Howard, what’s the matter?”

Mr. Garfield stared at Claire. “Well, a student in my school plagiarized Nancy’s work and even claims to be Nancy. We have never seen Nancy, so I hope you can help us solve the matter. ”

“I see…” Master Rice laughed. “I happen to be around. I’ll come to your school.”

Upon hearing this, Mr. Garfield immediately beamed with joy. “Okay! Sorry to bother you!”

After he hung up the phone, everyone surrounded Mr. Garfield, exclaiming loudly.

“Mr. Garfield, you are great! You can even invite Master Rice over!”

Listening to the flattery, Mr. Garfield was full of himself. He gave Claire a scornful smile. “Just wait for a face slap!”

Claire didn’t give any response and put the phone on her lap. The screen was still lit and showed a text message she sent to Master Rice a few minutes ago, asking him to come to school.

Everyone chatted while waiting.

Waiting to watch Claire make a scene of herself.

Phoebe walked up to Claire. She lowered her voice, and sneered. “Your painting is a copy. Why didn’t you just admit it? How dare you pretend to be Nancy? Idiot!”

Claire tilted her head and said casually, “Let’s see who is an idiot.”

Not long after, the door of the office was finally pushed open, and an old man walked in from outside.

In a dark gray robe, he was a grey-haired gentleman. He walked steadily and looked vigorous. There was something elegant and scholarly about him.

Mr. Garfield hurried up to meet him. “Master Rice, you…”

However, before he finished speaking, he saw Master Rice pass him and go straight to Claire.

Immediately afterwards, he stretched out his arms and hugged Claire in his arms.

Claire’s originally indifferent face finally showed a smile. “Teacher.”

Her voice was exceptionally clear, enough to reach everyone’s ears.

Master Rice pulled aside the hair on Claire’s forehead, and his muddy eyes were filled with joy and love.

He looked at Claire as if he were looking at his own granddaughter. “Claire, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Everyone was stunned by this scene.