The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Plagiarizing Nancy’s Works

This not only showed the painting skills, but also showed the painter’s great imagination.

One wouldn’t be able to paint such a great piece of work without more than ten years of hard work!

Mr. Garfield stood up, put the painting under the light and observed it carefully. He became more and more excited.

But when he turned to the back and looked at the name, he was dumbfounded.

The signature was Claire!

He knew about the girl, who was the long-lost biological daughter of the Smiths, but he didn’t know that she had studied art.

Early in the morning, the classroom boiled.

The result of the art competition had come out, and the list on the school bulletin board showed that Claire had gotten first place. Her score was a great distance from second place.

Everyone was talking about it.

Phoebe heard the news as soon as she entered the classroom and almost thought that she was still dreaming.

Claire got first place?

How could that be!

She turned around and ran to the school bulletin board.

On the red paper, Claire’s name was on top, and her painting was pasted next to her name.

A crowd of people surrounded the bulletin board.

“Wow! Claire painted so beautifully. She deserves to be ranked first!”

“Has she formally learned to paint? Otherwise, it’s impossible for her to bring out such a masterpiece unless she is a genius.”

“I’ve never seen her go to the studio. Before this, she used to live in the country and her family was very poor. How could she afford to learn to paint?”

Phoebe bit her lips tightly. Her eyes were bloodshot. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

That was because she had to admit that the painting was excellent. It combined abstraction and concretization. It was much better than her paintings in terms of style, color application, and connotation!

But the more she looked at it, the more she felt that something was wrong. This painting was a bit familiar. It seemed…

Suddenly, something occurred to Phoebe, and she immediately took out her cell phone and searched for Nancy’s works. She compared the works with Claire’s painting and found a lot of similarities.

Humph… it turned out to be plagiarism!

Mr. Garfield had just arrived in the studio and was preparing painting tools when the door was knocked suddenly.

He turned his head and found it was Phoebe.

“Phoebe? What’s the matter?”

He was very fond of this child and wanted to cultivate her into becoming a great painter.

Phoebe walked into the studio, twisted the hem of her clothes with her fingers, and hesitated a few times before speaking. ” Mr. Garfield, I have doubts about Claire’s work.”

Mr. Garfield was surprised. “May I ask why?”

Phoebe handed the cell phone to Mr. Garfield. It showed one of Nancy’s paintings on the screen. “Please take a look.”

Mr. Garfield looked at the phone carefully, and his face gradually changed. “Well…”

“Mr. Garfield, you saw it too, right? Claire’s paintings are similar to Nancy’s paintings, especially here.” Phoebe pointed to the phone screen. “And here, they’re exactly the same. She simply copied the painting! How can she win first place?!”

Mr. Garfield curled his eyebrows fiercely.

Right after the morning self-study, the class was noisy.

Derek asked curiously. “Claire, when did you draw that painting? You’ve been sleeping all day long.”

Claire lay prostrate on the desk, and her voice was lazy. “I drew a random picture last night.”

The corner of Derek’s mouth twitched.

Draw a random picture?!

At this time, someone shouted at the door of the classroom. “Is Claire here? Mr. Jones is asking you to go to his office!”

The students started talking amongst themselves.

“What did Claire get herself into again?”

“I heard that she is suspected of plagiarism. Apparently, she plagiarized Nancy’s painting.”

“H*llyshit, how dare she? Nancy is so famous!”

There were quarreling sounds in the teachers’ office.

Mr. Jones said firmly, “I believe that Claire will not plagiarize!”

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