Chapter 141: Children Should Not Cut In While Adults Are Speaking

Gallon almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

She actually… called him uncle?!

Was he so old?

Claire stepped into the room, and Dora followed behind.

Gallon asked. “Who is this little girl?”

“My classmate.” Claire opened the refrigerator, took a bottle of yogurt, and threw it to Dora.

This girl had been sticking to her all day long like her shadow.

Dora sat on the sofa and watched TV while drinking yogurt, not feeling restrained at all.

Soon, the meal was ready.

The table was full of vegetables.

Claire pulled the chair out and sat down, frowning. “Why is there even not a piece of meat?”

Gallon sighed. “I invested all my money in that time machine project. I have to save money, so just make do.”

Claire picked a piece of green vegetables and put it in her mouth. “Don’t invest. These are all scams.”

“No, it’s not a scam!” Dora suddenly intervened.

Gallon raised an eyebrow at her reaction and asked. “Oh? Why do you think so?”

Dora said sincerely, “Uncle Miller, it’s not a scam. Please believe me. Don’t stop investing. You will definitely get a great return in the future!”

Claire glanced at her sideways. “Eat your meal. Children should not cut in while adults are speaking.”

“OK…” Dora continued to eat.

When they left Gallon’s apartment, it was already pitch black outside.

Claire carried her schoolbag and asked. “Where is your home? Let me take you home.”

“No, someone will pick me up.” Dora pointed to the other side of the road.

There was a car parked under the dilapidated street light, and the man named ‘Rickie’ was sitting in the car.

Dora waved to Claire and then ran across the road. She got into the car, and immediately stuck to the man.

The man frowned impatiently but didn’t push her away, letting the girl hold him.

The other side.

Ada got out of the car, straightened her shawl with her hands, and walked into a restaurant.

She had a dinner date with some of the ladies in this restaurant tonight.

When she reached the private room and was about to push the door open, she heard a burst of laughter from inside.

“Have you heard that Ada went to Master Zen’s exhibition with her daughter, but was stopped outside?”

“Really? I even called her to congratulate her. Everyone was so envious of her because of her daughter.”

“Isn’t she bragging about how good her daughter is all day long? I didn’t expect she wasn’t even allowed in. That’s hilarious.”

Outside the door, Ada’s face was pale, and she squeezed the doorknob tightly. For a moment, she felt extremely ashamed and annoyed.

Her steps were heavy as if they were filled with lead. Having no courage to go in, she turned around and left.

When she went back home, Phoebe happened to be in the living room.

“Mom, didn’t you have a dinner party to attend? Is it over so soon?”

Ada’s face was gloomy, and without a word, she rushed to the second floor.

She had never expected that she would be ridiculed in public. What a shame! How would she be able to raise her head in front of those ladies in the future!


The school’s art competition was relatively free. The only requirement was originality. Contestants in each class would hand over their works to the class teacher, who would then hand them over to the art teacher. The art teacher would score and select the top three.

In the studio.

The art teacher, Mr. Garfield was scoring the works.

Some of the paintings were pretty good, while some were just horrible.

He rubbed his sore temple and picked up a painting.

Suddenly, he became energetic and a gleam of admiration flashed across his eyes.

This was a great piece of work!

The lines were smooth, the colors were bold, and they collided with wonderful sparks.

A layman could only see beauty, but he, as an art teacher, could see that there were so many subtle ingenious details hidden in this painting, which was simply breathtaking!