The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Is Getting Off Work More Important Than Me?

Claire squinted at her, her eyes contemptuous. “After ten years of studying, is this the best you can draw? It seems that your talent in painting is nothing more than that.”


How dare she laugh at her aptitude?!

Phoebe suddenly clenched her fists and rushed forward two steps in anger.

Right then, Claire slammed the door with a bang.

The door almost hit her head.

Staring at the shut door in front of her, Phoebe was furious.

What made Claire think she could look down on her paintings?!


Early in the morning, Lance Middle School.

The students were discussing the campus art competition.

“Maybe Phoebe won’t participate in it, right?”

“It’ll be unfair for her to participate in it. She would rank first for sure.”

“You guys think too much. Phoebe only participates in international competitions and won’t waste her time on these insignificant competitions!”

Suddenly, a student rushed into the class and shouted.

“Big news! Big news! I just saw Claire go to Mr. Jones with the art competition registration form!”

Phoebe was memorizing English words and suddenly raised her head.

The crowd was in an uproar.

Soon, Claire returned to the classroom.

Dozens of eyes looked at her simultaneously.

She put a hand in her pocket, ignoring the strange gazes of the students, and walked slowly to the back row, deadpan.

Jessica approached Phoebe and whispered. “What does she mean? Why did she sign up for an art competition? Is she trying to imitate you?”

Phoebe’s face was gloomy.

She knew that Claire did this just to provoke her!

Jessica comforted her. “Don’t worry. What shit can she draw? No matter how hard she tries to imitate you, it would get her nowhere.”

After school.

Derek came to the teachers’ office.

When the teachers saw him, they immediately packed up and ran away.

James was sitting by the window, preparing to put on his coat.

Derek closed the door with his foot and walked to James. “Mr. Walker, I have a few questions for you.”

James was a little surprised but still gave a faint smile. “Derek, this is not the time. I’m getting off work now.”

Derek propped a hand on the table, slowly leaned closer, and blinked his watery eyes. The boy’s voice was clear and had a touch of grievance. “Mr. Walker, can’t you give me a few minutes? Is getting off work more important than me?”

Under the setting sun, his hair was curly and shaggy, reminding people of a bleating little sheep.

James was silent.

After a while, he put his coat on the chair.

“What are the questions?”

Derek narrowed his eyes and smiled, immediately went around to sit down next to him. He opened the exercise book. “Here! Just these questions.”

James patiently explained the answers to him, his voice soft.

Derek put his cheek in his hand, holding a pen in his mouth, and as he listened, his eyes fell on the man’s face.

He stared at James’s profile. In the yellow sunshine, the lines of his face were extremely soft, and his facial features were delicate. The eyes behind the lenses were very beautiful, with long and quivering, dense eyelashes. His pupils were clear.

After finishing the explanation, James raised his head and happened to meet his eyes.

Derek hurriedly looked away.

James picked up the exercise book and knocked the boy on the head.

“What are you thinking of? Do you understand it now?”

“Yes…” Derek held his forehead, snorting in his heart.

You’re so good-looking. Why don’t you allow others to look at you?

The sky was getting darker.

In the apartment, Gallon was cooking with a spatula, and the house was full of the fragrance of food.

The door was knocked at this moment.

He ran to open the door, and Claire stood outside.

“Hi, it just so happens that I’m cooking. You’re lucky.”

A head suddenly popped out behind Claire.

The girl was smiling as warmly as the sun, and her voice was soft. “Hi, Uncle Miller.”

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