Chapter 138: Apologize

Everyone was watching the spectacle.

Soon, Dora and Derek returned to the canteen.

With Little Overlord’s help, the surveillance video was acquired quickly.

Dora handed the phone to Claire. She had downloaded a clip of the relevant surveillance video on her phone.

Everyone gathered around and Claire clicked on the video to play.

In the video, Jessica and Phoebe bought their food. When they turned to leave, a meal card fell to the ground. Not long after, Bruce found it and picked it up.

Just like that, the truth was revealed.

The crowd was in an uproar.

“He actually just picked it up and didn’t steal it!”

“I just scolded him. So sorry…”

“How can they smear people at will?!”

Phoebe’s face was ghastly pale, and her whole body was trembling. Under the strange gazes of others, she wanted to flee the place immediately.

Jessica laughed awkwardly, pretending to be calm. “Oh, we made a mistake. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Dora stood at akimbo. “Hey! You’ve wronged Bruce! And now you said it was just a misunderstanding?!”

“Then what do you want?!” Jessica was still arrogant.

Claire tapped her finger on the desktop, her voice cold and angry. “Apologize to Bruce.”


Apologize to a bumpkin?

This was blatant humiliation!

Jessica’s eyes widened and she thundered. “Why?!”

“Because you wronged an innocent person and called him a thief. This must be traumatic to him. You should be grateful that he isn’t suing you for slander!” Dora pointed at Jessica’s nose and cursed.

The other students were discussing the issue hotly.

“That’s right. They should apologize.”

“They aren’t even willing to say sorry. Shame on them!”

“Phoebe shouldn’t be such an unreasonable person.”

The discussion was getting louder and louder.

Dora stood in their way, not letting them go if they didn’t apologize.

Unable to bear the pressure, Jessica and Phoebe had no choice but to walk up to Bruce and apologise to him reluctantly.

Bruce frowned and said seriously, “I can forgive you, but I hope you won’t do this to others again.”

Embarrassed, Jessica and Phoebe ran out of the canteen despondently.

Dora leaned close to Claire and blinked, asking for praise. “Am I awesome?”

Claire gave her a thumbs up. “Yes, you’re awesome.”

“Yeah!” The girl jumped up, shaking her head with joy.



Ada and Phoebe were dressed up, holding Phoebe’s paintings.

When the two walked to the door, they happened to meet Claire who had come back from school.

Phoebe looked embarrassed when thinking of what happened in the canteen today.

Under the setting sun, Claire was walking casually, with a hand in her pocket and her school uniform draped on her shoulders. Her cuffs were rolled up, revealing her slender arms, and her hair was randomly tied behind her head. Her bang covered her gorgeous face. She looked as if she had just finished a fight. There was something rebellious about her.

Ada looked at Claire and felt irritable.

This girl always looked like an ill-bred little punk.

But when she remembered that she was going to the fancy exhibition with Phoebe, she beamed with joy and said, “Claire, Phoebe and I are going to Master Zen’s exhibition. We’re not going to take you because it’s not appropriate for you to go to such a place. You know, you can’t understand the painting world.”

Claire smiled, didn’t speak, and walked straight past them.

Ada was stunned for a moment.

Why was Claire’s smile so sarcastic?

Did she see it wrong?

Phoebe tugged Ada and urged., “Mom, hurry up. Let’s go see Master Zen earlier.”

It was getting late.

The two came to the exhibition site by car and handed the admission tickets.

Unexpectedly, they were stopped by the attendant.