Chapter 137: Check The Surveillance Video

“What happened?”

“It seems that he stole Phoebe’s meal card.”

“Oh, is he so poor?”

“I remember him. He’s Claire’s friend.”

Bruce pointed to the ground and explained in a panic. “I didn’t steal it. I picked it up from the ground.”

Jessica snorted coldly. “You are saying that just because you got caught. If you didn’t, you would definitely keep it and use it, right? No matter how poor you are, you can’t steal!”

“No, no!” Bruce said sincerely, “I was going to hand it over to the teacher.”

“Huh?” Jessica pointed to her ear and sneered contemptuously. “Can you speak in a decent language? I don’t understand you!”

The people all around them roared in laughter.

“I… I know I have an accent, but…” Bruce was simple-minded and was not good at arguing with others.

He blushed hard and stammered, so anxious that he almost burst into tears.

“Bruce!” At this moment, Claire walked over, holding Bruce’s shoulder with one hand, and coldly glanced at Jessica and Phoebe. “What happened?”

Bruce was relieved to see her. “Claire, come here. Tell them that I didn’t steal their meal card!”

Jessica hurriedly said, “The meal card was in your hand, OK? What excuse do you have? If you don’t have money, don’t come to the city. Even if you study in our school, you’re still that low bumpkin, just like your friend.”

Claire raised her eyes, her sharp stare darting at Jessica like a blade.

Jessica was taken aback. Feeling a dangerous breath, she instinctively took two steps backward.

“He picked up the meal card. Did you hear it clearly?” Claire’s voice was icy.

Jessica rolled her eyes. “What a joke? Why should we believe him?”

Phoebe bit her lip with an innocent look and said softly, “I put the meal card in my pocket. I’m sure it’s been in my pocket…”

Claire ignored her and tugged Bruce. “Sit down.”

“Huh?” Bruce thought he heard her wrong.

“Sit down!” Claire repeated it, her tone firm.

Bruce sat down obediently.

Claire also pulled a chair over and sat down. She tilted her body, leaned back, and crossed her legs, looking casual and rebellious.

She narrowed her eyes and squinted at Jessica and Phoebe, her voice was lazy. “Is there any evidence that he stole your meal card?”

In an instant, the tide was turned.

It seemed like Claire was interrogating Jessica and Phoebe.

Jessica chuckled. “Then what evidence do you have to prove that he picked up the meal card!”

Very good.

This was what Claire waited for.

Claire raised her eyes, glanced over her head, and rested her eyes on the camera in the corner.

She gave a wicked smile. “Evidence? OK, let’s check the surveillance.”

Upon hearing it, Jessica and Phoebe looked at each other, and panicked.

Jessica immediately changed her tone. “Forget it, now that the meal card is found, we’ll just forgive him.”

With that, she prepared to leave with Phoebe.

At this moment, Dora suddenly appeared and opened her arms to stop them from leaving. “Why do you want to go now? It’s not that easy! No one can leave before we find out what exactly happened!”

Claire raised his eyebrows with satisfaction. “Dora, go to the monitoring room, download the surveillance video to your phone, and then bring it over.”

“OK!” Dora ran out of the canteen at top speed.

“Let me help her.” Derek followed.

Jessica and Phoebe were huddling together, their eyes full of panic. They didn’t even dare to raise their heads.