The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 132

Chapter 132: I Want To Sit With Claire

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With that, she hopped out of the alley.

Claire glanced sideways.

The girl got in the car. The man was looking at her with a frown. “Sneak out again, I’ll break your leg!”

She still smiled sweetly. “No, Rickie won’t do that to me.”

The man immediately turned his head and his ears were red. “Don’t call me like that.”

The luxury car drove away.

Claire walked out of the alley slowly.

Early the next morning.

She narrowed her drowsy eyes and walked into the classroom. Just as she sat down in the back row, the students surrounded her.

“Claire, can you sing another song? I want to record it.”

“Claire is tomorrow’s diva. Can you give me some autographs of yours? Maybe I can sell them for a lot of money when you become famous!”

“I feel that Claire’s voice is a bit like Eileen’s!”

“Yeah, I also feel that.”

Annoyed by the noise, Claire pulled out the earphones and stuffed them into her ears.

At this time, the class bell rang.

Everyone hurriedly returned to their seats.

Standing on the podium, Mr. Jones cleared his throat. “We have a new student today.”

As soon as he said so, a girl walked in from the door.

A boy in the back row blew a whistle. “Woohoo! She’s hot!”

The girl wore a pink knitted dress. She had turned the doll collar outside, and pinned a little white rabbit brooch.

She had long, pitch-black hair and a delicate oval-shaped face. Underneath her delicate nose, her lips were soft and rosy. When she smiled, a pair of dimples appeared, which made her look very cute.

Her voice was soft and sweet too.

“Hello everyone, my name is Dora Johnson.”

Claire suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the girl on the podium, her eyes deep and dark.

It was her!

The whole class boiled in an instant.

“Her surname is Johnson!”

“Is she from the Johnsons? I mean, the famous Johnson.”

“I haven’t heard of her before. Maybe Little Overlord knows her?”

Everyone looked at the back row.

Derek shrugged. “Don’t look at me. I don’t know her.”

The students were continuously talking about her.

With a small school bag on her back, Dora ran to the back row, and stood in front of Derek. She bent down, and stared at his face with her big bright eyes.

Derek leaned backward to keep a distance from her, saying impatiently. “Hey, what are you looking at?”

Dora straightened up, pointed to Claire next to him, and said with a serious look, “Can you give the seat to me? I want to sit with Claire.”

Everyone was excited.

“Wow, she dares to provoke Little Overlord. The new student is awesome!”

Claire leaned back on the chair lazily, narrowing her eyes, as if watching a play.

Derek crossed his legs, put them on the table, then tilted his head, and smiled. “You are quite interesting. Why should I give you my seat?”

Dora wrinkled her little face into a ball and puffed her cheeks, like a little hamster.

“Forget it if you don’t want to give me the seat, humph!”

There was an empty seat in front. She simply sat on the seat, put down her school bag, turned to blink at Claire, and smiled happily. “We meet again!”

Derek frowned.

Who the hell was she?

Claire ignored her, pulled down her hat, and continued to sleep.

The girl didn’t mind it, however. She was still cheerful. She took out a bottle of calcium milk from her school bag, and gently placed it on Claire’s desk.

The bell rang indicating the end of class and Mr. Jones left the classroom.

The class became noisier and noisier, and the students gathered around, discussing something. The words ‘Claire’ and ‘Stole someone’s man’ were constantly popping out from their mouths.

Dora sucked at the straw and turned to ask Derek. “What are they talking about?”

Ignoring her, Derek opened the school online community on his cell phone and his face instantly darkened.