Chapter 131: My Name Is Dora Johnson

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Very good.

So he was not going to tell her the truth?

Claire stood up, propped her hands against the table, and slowly moved closer to Mr. Hopkins.

Then she narrowed her eyes and cracked a wicked smile. “You’d better not let me find any clues.”

With that, she kicked the chair away with her toes, turned, and left.

When she walked out of the gate of the Johnsons’ villa, Derek happened to return back at the same time.

“Hi, Claire…”

He was about to greet her, but Claire passed by him expressionlessly.

Seeing the girl walking away hurriedly, Derek was confused. “What’s the matter? Did Hunter annoy her again?”

Mr. Hopkins was packing up the tea set. “Miss Claire… may have noticed something.”

When Derek heard it, his face darkened and his eyes turned gloomy. The usual smile disappeared from his face.

Claire walked out of the Johnsons’ villa.

This was the private villa area, and the straight road was empty.

Claire glanced at her watch.

When she raised her head again, she found an extra figure under the streetlamp on the opposite side.

The person was short, wearing a cap with the brim drawn low and a mask, revealing only a pair of eyes that were staring at Claire.

Claire narrowed her eyes but couldn’t see that person clearly. Irritable, she didn’t bother to look at that person anymore.

The moonlight was cold and the shadows of the trees were mottled.

Claire walked on the road and kicked little stones. Someone behind her followed her all the way, the person’s footsteps were very heavy. Obviously, she didn’t mean to conceal her existence at all.

When passing by an alley, Claire turned and walked into the alley.

Caught off guard, the person obviously panicked and went straight into the alley.

In the darkness, Claire quietly walked behind the person, and then, strangling her neck, she pressed her against the wall fiercely.

As the cap fell, black hair poured down. It was a girl.

She was the person who had stood under the streetlamp just now.

“Your tracking skill is too lame.” Claire gave a funny smile, but when she looked up at her, she was stunned.

The girl wore a mask, only revealing her eyes.

This was a pair of extremely beautiful eyes, the long eyelashes were like wings, and the pupils were light-colored, looking noble and aloof.

These eyes were similar to Hunter’s eyes.

There was also a little mole at the corner of an eye, at exactly the same position.

What was her relationship with Hunter?

At this moment, the girl didn’t panic at all, but stared at Claire with glowing eyes, her eyes filled with joy. “I finally found you!”

“Who are you?” Claire immediately exerted more strength.

The girl took off the mask, revealing a delicate face.

Under the moonlight, her skin was fair, with a faint crimson glow, and her facial features were exquisite and delicate. She looked like a porcelain doll, but there was something noble about her.

She looked somewhat similar to Hunter not only in eyes, but also in appearance and temperament.

“My name is Dora Johnson.” She smiled and looked adorable.


Was she from the Johnsons too?

Claire glanced at her. “Do you know Hunter Johnson?”

The girl’s long eyelashes trembled and her pupils shook, like glass beads immersed in water. “No… I don’t know him…”

Claire smiled casually.

She was not good at lying.


There came a hurried call in the dark night.

Claire turned her head and saw a black luxury car parked outside the alley. The car window was half open, and a handsome man sat inside.

“Someone came to pick me up!” The girl smiled, broke free from Claire’s fingers bit by bit, and ran out of the alley.

As she ran, she suddenly stopped her pace, turned around, and ran back.

Then she suddenly opened her arms, hugged Claire firmly, and whispered to her. “See you next time!”