Chapter 129: Manipulated

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Amber was startled and staggered two steps back. She was so guilty that she didn’t even dare to look at Claire. She just wanted to leave the place as soon as possible.

However, as soon as she raised her foot, Claire tilted her body and leaned against the door, blocking her way.

“What… what are you trying to do?!” Amber stammered.

Everyone was in the multimedia room. Hence, no one was here except for the two of them.

Claire lowered her eyes, looked at her wet hands, and opened her red lips gently. Her voice was extremely chilly. “Which hand did you use to destroy my sound source?”

Amber immediately put her hands behind her back, trying to pretend she didn’t know what she was talking about. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

Claire chuckled coldly. “Will you confess yourself, or should I check the surveillance video?”

Upon hearing it, Amber couldn’t hold back anymore. Tears came out of her eyes, and she cried and begged. “Sorry… Claire, I was wrong. Please don’t tell Mr. Jones…”

Claire looked at her coldly, not moved at all. “Tell Mr. Jones? I’m not that childish.”

Amber was relieved to hear that.

However, the next second, her wrist was suddenly caught.

Claire grabbed her hand, her face cold and stern, and then she gave a sudden wrench.

A click was heard.

It was the sound of bone cracking.

“Ah!” Amber fell to the ground, holding her broken wrist, rolling back and forth in pain, tears falling down.

“You… you intentionally hurt me. I’m going to tell the class teacher, boohoo…”

Claire raised her eyebrows. “Go ahead. Tell them, because you deliberately damaged my sound source, I broke your hand.”

Amber was speechless.

Claire smiled contemptuously and turned to leave.

Amber roared furiously behind her back. “You deserve it! I’m the recognized best singer in the class. I go to the contest every year. Why did you snatch my chance?!”

Hearing this, Claire paused and turned around. She walked up to Amber again before she slowly squatted down. Pinching her chin, she lifted it up.

Amber’s eyes were full of horror.

Claire’s smile became more and more wicked, making people tremble. “What? Are there regulations that only you can participate in the singing contest? Do you think the earth is rotating around you? If you think I snatched your chance, you can compete fairly with me. Why did you play the dirty little trick behind my back?”

Amber’s face turned pale, her eyes were red, and she couldn’t utter a single word.

Claire turned her head to the side and stood up. She took out the tissue, and wiped her hands in disgust as if she had just touched something dirty. “I know, you were manipulated by someone. Wisen up a bit, OK? You’re too easy to be manipulated.”

Amber was at a loss.

Manipulated? Who manipulated her?

Seeing that she hadn’t figured it out yet, Claire shook her head, threw the tissue into the trash can, and turned to leave.


Phoebe hid in the corner, clutching her chest, frightened.

The singing contest was over.

Claire didn’t take the trophy. Finally working her way out of the crowd and walking out of the school gate, a car stopped in front of her. The window was rolled down, and a man was sitting inside.

Claire remembered this man. It was he who picked her up to take her to the Johnsons’ villa the first time she went there.

The man said respectfully, “Miss Claire, please get in the car.”

Claire got in the car.

Soon, they arrived at the Johnsons’ villa.

Mr. Hopkins ran out to greet her in person. “I’m afraid we’re going to trouble you again. I’ve been coaxing Mr. Johnson with lies these days, but now he doesn’t believe me anymore.”

Claire stepped inside, and as soon as she entered the door, she heard loud bangs from the second floor.

She threw her school bag aside, went upstairs, and pushed the door open.

In the room, Hunter was smashing things.