Chapter 128: Claire Takes First Place

Mr. Jones was very anxious. “Claire, don’t mess around!”

Claire only glanced at him. “Go down, Mr. Jones. I know what I’m doing.”


Looking at her deep dark eyes, for some reason, Mr. Jones believed this girl.

He turned and left the stage.

The students immediately surrounded him.

“Mr. Jones, you can’t let her mess around!”

“Yes, this concerns the honor of our class.”

At this time, the light dimmed, and only a beam of light fell on Claire.

She slowly closed her eyes and gently opened her red lips.

“As the waves silently submerged the night and filled the corners at the end of the sky, the big fish swam through the cracks in the dream.”

All the noises stopped abruptly at this moment.

Everyone was stunned.

The judges’ eyes lit up.

Ethereal and dreamy, her voice seemed to be coming from the valley, drifting with the wind, and then knocking on the eardrum, reaching the deepest part of one’s heart.

“Every drop of tears flows toward you, and flows back to the bottom of the sky.”

Her voice was melodious and touching.

It made people feel like being in the middle of the deep sea and wandering freely.

Singing a cappella was the most difficult. Even professional singers ended up exposing their shortcomings singing a cappella.

But Claire’s singing was extremely pure and moving. The accompaniment would have been noisy and superfluous and would have destroyed the perfectness of her singing.

Not only was her voice perfect, she has also taken her singing skills to the extreme, changing her singing style in every segment, switching back and forth at will between the high and low, ethereal and mellow, constantly bringing everyone a new listening experience.

She made everyone’s heart indulge in the song, trembling with it.

Especially the last part of the song, it was simply like the sound of nature. As the pitch grew higher and higher, her expression remained unchanged and she didn’t even pant.

This part had no lyrics but pushed the atmosphere to the climax.

Claire was standing on the stage, wearing the school uniform, but seemed to be exuding rays of light.

With the most common microphone and the simplest audio equipment, she made the audience feel like being in a concert of ten thousand people instead of a small school singing contest.

It was simply an audio feast.

After she finished singing the song, Claire slowly opened her eyelids, her eyes as dark and quiet as the deep sea.

Everyone was still immersed in the beautiful song. A few seconds later, there was thunderous applause from the audience.

The students of Class One were dumbfounded.

“Hell! Am I fucking dreaming?!”

“I’m going to kneel down to her. Claire rocks!”

“Is she actually a professional singer who is lurking in our class?”

The judges raised their placards, all had full marks!

A judge picked up the microphone and sighed. “I’m sorry. I can’t comment on you, because I don’t think I am qualified.”

Undoubtedly, the result was already in. Claire had taken the first place.

Claire bent down slightly, put down the microphone, and left the stage.

As soon as she stepped down, a group of people swarmed around her, talking and exclaiming.

Mr. Jones was grinning from ear to ear. “Claire, I really didn’t notice that you can sing so well. This time, you earned our class a great honor!”

In the corner, Amber’s face was ghastly pale. Looking at Claire surrounded by the crowd, she couldn’t stay there any longer and rushed out of the multimedia room as if escaping a disaster.

She rushed into the bathroom and turned on the faucet. She took a handful of cold water with both hands, and splashed it on her face vigorously.

She raised her head, biting her lip. The one in the mirror was like a joke, a clown!

This was not the result she wanted!

After calming down, she left with her head bowed, but when she walked upto the door, a figure suddenly stood in her way.

Amber looked up.

It was Claire!