The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 127

Chapter 127: I’ll Just Sing It A Cappella

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The day of the singing contest.

Claire walked into the multimedia room slowly and glanced inside.

The stage was built temporarily, the sound equipment was quite professional, and the room was full of students. The first two rows included judges and school leaders.

The multimedia room was crowded and bustling.

The order of playing was based on the draw.

Backstage, Mr. Jones cheered for Claire. “Don’t be nervous. Just assume that the people sitting below are all turnips and greens.”

Claire leaned sideways on the chair and crossed her legs casually, playing with her cell phone. Her cuffs were half rolled, revealing her white wrists, and her hair was casually tied into a bun.

The other students were annoyed by her casual manner.

“Everyone is practicing, but she just fools around. Our class is doomed.”

“Look at her, look at what she is wearing. She hasn’t worn a skirt or put on any makeup. Does she have any idea what she is doing?!”

Soon, it was Claire’s turn.

She turned off her phone, put it into her pocket, and walked on to the stage.

The audience boiled instantly.

“Isn’t Amber representing Class One?”

“Why did they choose her? Are Class One people crazy?”

“Look at her, does she look like she’s here to sing? Haha…”

Even the judges frowned.

Every singer was dressed up, except for Claire, who was still wearing the school uniform.

As Claire picked up the microphone, the lights dimmed and the concert was about to begin.

At this time, the stereo suddenly became noisy, followed by a sharp piercing sound, which made everyone cover their ears.

“Quick! Turn it off! My ear hurts!”

The student controlling the stereo hurriedly turned off the sound.

A school leader stood up and asked. “What’s the matter? Is the stereo broken?”

The student replied. “No, the accompaniment sound source handed in by Class One has something wrong. The music cannot be played. It is only sharp noises.”

Claire clenched the microphone. There was no expression on her face, but her eyes were frighteningly cold.

The audience was in an uproar, and everyone was discussing.

“There hasn’t been anything like this before. Why does only her sound source go wrong?”

“I think that’s because she can’t sing. For fear of embarrassment, she deliberately damaged the sound source.”

“Class One deserves it. They chose a little punk to represent them.”

The students of Class One almost cried in anxiety.

“I knew it! She didn’t care about this contest at all!”

“She always fooled around and never practiced singing. Now we’re going to get the last place in the contest.”

“Oh, what a disgrace!”

“If it were Amber, there wouldn’t have been any problem!”

Amber sat in the corner and kept wringing her fingers.

Mr. Jones hurried to the stage. “I’m sorry. We will fix the sound source soon.”

The school leader was angry. “When can you fix it? This is a waste of everyone’s time. What’s the matter with your class? You should have taken the contest seriously!”

A chorus of boos followed.

“Do we have to sit here and wait for her?”

“Why should we wait for her? She’s wasting our time.”

“Hurry up. There are still a lot of singers behind her.”

Mr. Jones smiled awkwardly. “Let the other singers play first, OK?”

With that, he took Claire’s arm, trying to drag her down.

Claire stood still, put the microphone to her lips, and looked down, her eyes as calm as a pool of stagnant water. “I don’t need a sound source, I’ll just sing a cappella.”

Her voice was cold but firm, resounding throughout the multimedia room.

Mr. Jones’s eyes widened.

There was an uproar again.

“A Cappella? Is she crazy?”

“This song is difficult to sing. Without accompaniment, singing it a cappella will only highlight her shortcomings.”

“She is literally looking for death.”

Even the judges shook their heads. “That’s not a good choice. You should go down and get a new sound source.”