Chapter 125: I Don’t Raise Junk!

In a bad mood, Claire said coldly,. “What do you mean?”

Mr. Hopkins was very anxious. “In the morning, you asked Mr. Johnson to sit outside the door, and he sat outside for a whole day and refused to leave. If anyone tried to approach him, he would bite him. He’s still waiting for you to come back!”

Claire rubbed her glabella. “I’ll be right there.”

She rushed to the Johnsons’ villa.

Sure enough, Hunter was still sitting on the steps outside the door with the same posture as the morning. At this time, with his head drooping, he really looked like a big dog indeed.

Claire walked over with a hand in her pocket and looked at him. “Hey.”

When he raised his head, his eyes lit up. He immediately jumped up and pounced on Claire.

“Claire, why did you come back so late?!” He buried his head in Claire’s neck, rubbing and sniffing. “Claire, you have the smell of other men!”

Feeling itchy, Claire dragged Hunter into the house.

Mr. Hopkins hurriedly ordered the servant to prepare dinner.

Not seeing Miss Claire, Mr. Johnson had refused to eat the entire day.

After dinner, Claire took Hunter to his room, pointed to the bed, and ordered. “Lie down and sleep.”

Hunter lay down on the bed and cast a hopeful look at Claire. “Claire, sleep together with me.”


“You sleep first. I’m not sleepy.”

Hunter firmly grasped Claire’s hand. “Then, don’t go.”

“OK, I’m not going. Go to sleep.” Claire sat down by the bed.

He was a bit clingy.

So annoying.

Coaxing Hunter to fall asleep as quickly as possible, Claire immediately withdrew her hand and left the room.

Downstairs, Derek was lying on the sofa playing games.

Mr. Hopkins approached with his cell phone. “Young Master Derek, you’ve got a call.”

Without looking up, Derek said impatiently, “Who is it?”


When Derek heard that, his eyes suddenly widened. He was so scared that he immediately stopped playing the game and waved his hand at Mr. Hopkins hard.

Mr. Hopkins directly stuffed the phone in his arms.

After picking up the call, Mr. Johnson’s majestic voice rang. “Derek, in this monthly exam, your English score is zero again!”

Derek curled his lips, his voice innocent. “Uncle… I…”

Mr. Johnson interrupted him angrily. “Do you remember what I told you? I said, don’t live in my house if you can’t study well!”

Derek chewed his fingernails. “Yes…”

“Get the hell out of there if you score zero again. I don’t raise junk! Also, go repent in front of her!”

With a click, he hung up the phone.

Derek clenched the phone and frowned. His eyes were gloomy.

After a while, he went upstairs and pushed open a door.

The room was pitch-black, and Derek walked in slowly without turning on the lights.

The night breeze was blowing the curtains, and the moonlight poured in enchantingly at this moment.

The room was empty, except for a black and white photo on the table. The white rose beside it was delicate and fresh, dripping with morning dew.

Derek sat on the floor, quietly looking at the photo.

The picture showed a young beautiful woman. She was smiling sweetly, revealing her dimples, and looked slightly similar to Derek.

Derek picked up the photo, hugged it tightly in his arms, and then fell to the ground, curling his body into a ball.

In dead silence, he murmured. “Mom… you know why I hate English, right? Only you understand…”


The campus singing contest was under preparation. Every day, the school’s singing room was full of melodious voices.

Amber stood outside the singing room, looking enviously inside through the glass door.

At this time during the previous two years, she was practicing singing like them.

As early as last month, she had already started to practice singing at home and even prepared the song for this year’s contest.

But she didn’t expect that Claire would snatch her chance!