Chapter 124: Mr. Johnson’s Condition Is Not So Good


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She was angry and anxious, but couldn’t do anything about it.


Phoebe glared at Claire, then looked at Amber.


At this moment, Amber’s head was lowered, while her nails were clasping the corner of the desk in a hard grip.


After school, Claire pulled out the schoolbag from the drawer and walked away leisurely.


A group of students was pointing at her behind her back.


“She left just like that?”


“I saw that the participants of other classes all hurried to the school’s singing room to practice singing, but she doesn’t seem to care about this matter at all.”


“She doesn’t care about this contest because she doesn’t care about class honors.”


“Maybe her voice sucks, so she isn’t bothering to practice.”


“Little Overlord said that she sang well. Bullshit, I don’t think she can even memorize the lyrics.”


Leaving the teaching building, Phoebe caught up with Amber.


“Amber, let’s walk together.”


“Well, okay…” Amber looked absent-minded.


Phoebe blinked her innocent eyes, looked at her, and sighed. “It’s a pity that you are not the one chosen. I like to listen to your singing very much.”


Amber clenched the strap of her schoolbag. Having her sore spot touched, she forced a smile. “Well, Claire should be given a chance too. If it’s me every year, it’ll be boring.”


“But you won the honor of third place for our class for two years in a row. They should have appreciated your contribution. That’s too much…” Phoebe looked indignant.


Amber turned pale and slowly lowered her head.


After a while, she couldn’t help but ask, “Does Claire… sing well?”


“I don’t know. She never sings at home.” Phoebe glanced at Amber’s clenched hands and smiled. “Who knows. Maybe she can really get the first rank.”


Her words, like a thorn, pierced Amber’s heart.


The Smiths’ mansion


Ada was sitting in the living room, and when she saw Claire returning, she immediately stood up.


Obviously, she was waiting for her.


“Claire, come and sit down. I have something to tell you.”


Claire walked over and sat on the sofa. She leaned back casually, and crossed her legs. “What is it?”


Ada graciously poured tea for her. “Well, Claire, I mentioned to you about the marriage with Hunter Johnson earlier and you seemed to be unwilling to marry him. So I have decided not to force you …”


“No, I’m willing to marry him.” Claire looked at her coldly and gave a taunting smile.


Ada was stunned. “Claire, why are you…”


Claire slowly picked up the teacup and took a sip. “I know what you mean. Phoebe has a crush on Hunter, so you want to give her the engagement now. Why? When it was a hot potato in your eyes, you threw it to me, but now you want to take it back because it suddenly becomes a treasure in your eyes. Don’t you think you’re too brazen?”


This remark was straight to the point, and Ada was shamed into anger. “Claire, how can you talk to me like this?!”


Claire put the teacup on the table heavily, and the tea splashed. “Sorry, I’m not going to concede.”


After that, under Ada’s shocked stare, she stood up, grabbed her schoolbag, and went upstairs.


Phoebe came home and happened to see this scene.


“Mom, what did she say? Is she willing to return the marriage contract to me?”


Ada’s expression was ugly and she shook her head.


Phoebe stomped her feet with anger. “How can she be so shameless?!”


In this case, don’t blame her for using special means!


Back in the room, Claire threw her school bag aside.


Her phone rang at this moment.


After it got through, Mr. Hopkins’s voice rang out helplessly.


“Miss Claire, can you come to Johnson’s villa now? Mr. Johnson’s condition… is not very good.”