Chapter 123: Campus Singing Contest

The students were discussing Eileen.

“I heard that she is going to release a new album. I’m really looking forward to it!”

“Then I’ll have new composition materials soon!”

“Eileen is such a good singer. She must be beautiful too, but it’s a pity that she never shows herself in front of others.”

“Maybe she is a big fat woman.”

“Go away! You are fat! Your whole family is fat!”

Eileen Ford was a popular singer. She released her first song on the Internet two years ago and it became a hit. Her ethereal and melodious voice was immediately sought after by everyone, and the number of downloads of her songs reached hundreds of millions.

Her style was changeable, and each of her songs could bring a brand-new experience to the audience. The lyrics were rich in content, and she dared to expose social ugliness. Therefore, she had won many awards and was hailed as the top diva after only two years of her debut.

Unfortunately, she never showed up in public.

The class bell rang and Mr. Jones, the class teacher, walked into the classroom.

“Hello everyone, the annual campus singing contest is about to start.”

The whole class started boiling in excitement.

“Amber Hill participated in the contest two years in a row. This year should be her again, right?”

“She is the best singer in the class and won third place in the last two years.”

Amber straightened up and raised her head slightly, looking a bit proud.

Everyone knew she had a beautiful voice.

“Then this time the campus singing contest…” Mr. Jones was about to announce the candidate.

Derek suddenly raised his hand. “I recommend Claire. She sings very well!”

Everyone was stunned, and all turned around to look.

Claire narrowed her eyes slightly, her face as indifferent as ever, but the pen in her hand poked through the textbook. “Do you wanna die?”

Amber looked at Claire, frowning in disgust.

“I think it’s good to have another choice. It is Amber every year. I want someone new.”

“Amber can get third place, while Claire will probably finish third from the bottom!”

“Claire was number one in the last sports meet!”

“She’s just a little punk. Fighting people every day. Of course, she is good at sports. Amber is the recognized good singer in our class. How is it possible that Claire sings better than Amber?”

“Yes, it’ll be a disgrace if she finishes third from the bottom.”

“Yes, this will affect the total score of our class.”

Someone in the class supported it and some opposed it.

“Okay, okay, stop arguing!” Mr. Jones patted the desk and looked at Claire in the back row. “It was Amber who participated in the previous two years. It is time to give others a chance. Let Claire take part in the singing contest this year.”

Amber turned pale, her eyes widened, and her original proud expression turned into consternation.

In the back row, Claire tilted her body lazily and said coldly, “I won’t participate.”

“Huh?” Mr. Jones was stunned.

Derek covered Claire’s mouth. “She said she would be well prepared for the contest!”

“OK, then that’s it. Claire, please do your best!” Mr. Jones left the classroom.

Claire grabbed Derek’s wrist and snapped it fiercely.

“Ahhh!” Derek immediately let go of her hand in pain, feeling that his bones were about to break.

Claire looked at him coldly. “Attend the contest by yourself.”

“I heard you sing just now, and it’s super nice!” Derek said earnestly. “Claire, don’t feel inferior. I believe you will get first place!”

The class was still having a heated discussion.

Phoebe’s eyes were red and swollen.

She had been crying incessantly these nights. Claire hadn’t been home since she left from the dinner party. Phoebe could easily guess that Claire must be living in Hunter’s house!