The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Are You Blind?

“So, what should I do now?” Claire directly came to the point.

Mr. Hopkins smiled awkwardly. “You can only… comply with Mr. Johnson’s wish.”

What? Did it mean she would have to treat him like a dog from now on?

Seeing Claire unhappy, Mr. Hopkins went on. “Mr. Johnson’s duration of the disease usually doesn’t last long. I’m afraid we’ll have to… trouble you!”

The refusal words were stuck in her throat and were swallowed by her reluctantly.

When she walked to the bed, Hunter’s eyes flashed. He grabbed Claire’s hand and pressed his cheek against her palm.

Claire glanced at him expressionlessly. “Are you a dog?”

Hunter nodded his head.

“Then why do you look like a human?”

He blinked at Claire and answered earnestly. “For you, I tried my best to become a human form, so you can’t see my real body.”

Claire raised her brows. “Your true body is…”



Claire felt as if she was hammered in the head.

Sure enough… he was very sick!


The next morning

Outside the gate, Hunter hugged Claire firmly from behind, almost hanging on her body, making her unable to breathe.

“Claire can’t leave! Don’t leave!”

Several bodyguards pulled him away, and he struggled like crazy. He let out an angry growl from his throat, and opened his mouth to bite the hands of those bodyguards.

The bodyguards let go of him in horror and he pounced on Claire again.

Claire took two steps backward, suddenly pointed at him, and shouted. “Stop!”

The man stopped abruptly and really stood still.

Claire pointed to the ground. “Sit.”

Hunter sat down on the steps, raised his shining eyes, and stared at her very obediently.

Everyone was shocked.

Claire moved over slowly, tentatively stretched out her hand, and patted his head. “I’m going to school. Wait for me at home and listen to Mr. Hopkins’ words, OK?”

Hunter narrowed his eyes comfortably and nodded vigorously.

Claire gave a satisfied smile.

It worked.

She turned and left.

At the school rooftop, Derek leaned against a tattered chair. He crumpled the test paper in his hand into a ball, and slammed it on the ground.

“Damn you, James Walker…”

He had given him zero points in this monthly exam again!

The zero looked red and dazzling on the blank paper.

Larry bit the straw. “Mr. Walker yields to neither the carrot nor the club. You really have encountered your nemesis.”

“I think all you need to do is to teach him a good lesson once and for all.” Jack Davis kicked Larry’s foot. “Go seduce James. Dump him when he falls head over heels for you.”

“F*ck you. I’m not doing this, and…” Larry blushed slightly. “Mr. Walker is so perfect. I’m afraid I may develop a crush on him.

Derek rolled his eyes at him. “Perfect? Are you blind?”

Larry curled his lips and said angrily, “You are not blind. Then why don’t you have a try?!”

“Do you wanna die?” Derek stood up suddenly, kicking the chair away.

Larry was frightened and cried.

When class was about to begin, Derek returned to the classroom with a gloomy look.

Claire lay prostrate on the desk, searching for dog training methods on her phone.

As the breeze blew over, she was in a good mood and hummed a tune casually.

“Huh? Are you singing the song of Eileen Ford?” Derek suddenly stuck his head over.

Claire stopped singing and remained expressionless.

Derek looked surprised. “Claire, why didn’t I discover earlier that you’re a good singer?!”

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