The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 119

Chapter 119: I Didn’t Beat Him

Hunter raised his head slightly and smiled contemptuously. “What? Want to hit me?”

“Don’t think I dare not!” Gallon snapped his fists.

The atmosphere was tense.

At this moment, Hunter suddenly looked behind Gallon. He blinked and suddenly grabbed Gallon’s wrist. Taking Gallon’s fist into his own face, he smashed it and fell to the ground.

Caught off guard, Gallon was dumbfounded, his fist still frozen in the air.

What just happened?

“Hunter Johnson!”

The girl’s cold voice sounded behind him.

Claire walked over quickly, squatted down in front of Hunter on one knee, and looked up at Gallon’s clenched fist. “You hit him?”

Gallon hurriedly explained, “No… I didn’t hit him. He slammed my fist into his face… he started it!”

The harder he tried to explain, the harder he couldn’t explain it.

Claire’s face was dark. “You know that there is something wrong with his brain. Why are you so harsh to him?”

“I… I am not…” Gallon looked at Hunter dumbfounded.

Hunter, who was still lying on the ground, raised his eyebrows provocatively at Gallon.

He did this on purpose!

Gallon gnashed his teeth. “I think his brain works very well!”

This guy was really good at acting! He must be pretending to be sick!

Claire held Hunter’s chin and checked the injury on his face.

Hunter grabbed Claire’s hand and curled his thin lips, saying casually, “I’m fine. As a man, a punch is nothing. Even if he gives me ten or twenty punches, I can bear it.”

Gallon almost fainted on the spot.

Great, he is great!

“Okay! Well played, you!” Gallon gave Hunter a thumbs-up and turned away angrily.

He was really unlucky to run into this jerk!

Claire helped Hunter get up from the ground.

Back at the Johnsons’ villa, Mr. Hopkins prepared an ice pack and brought it to apply it on Hunter’s face.

Hunter frowned at him, and he immediately threw the ice bag into Claire’s hand. “Miss Claire, Mr. Johnson’s face is swollen. Can you help apply the ice bag to his face?”

With that, he hurriedly withdrew.

Claire pinched the man’s chin, picked up the ice pack, and gently pressed it on his face.

“Does it hurt?”

Hunter tilted his head, put his head on Claire’s shoulder, and whispered to her. “Yes, it’s killing me.”

“Didn’t you say that you were fine?” Claire glanced at the man.

Just like a big dog, Hunter rubbed his head against her shoulder. “I can’t show weakness in front of my rival in love.”

“Rival in love?” Claire blinked and then answered seriously. “Gallon is not your rival in love.”

She and Gallon had a doctor and patient relationship or they could also be termed as confidants, but there was absolutely no love affair between them.

“I don’t think so.” Hunter suddenly raised his head and locked Claire’s gaze firmly with his cold eyes.

He looked as if he would swallow her alive if he didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

Claire shrugged. “I don’t like him.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you.”

The little thing was so innocent and simple-minded.

She knew nothing about men!

Claire took a deep breath and said a bit irritably, “He doesn’t like me either.”

“Impossible!” Hunter grabbed Claire’s wrist.

His face was terribly gloomy, and he almost roared. “You’re so beautiful, sexy, and adorable. How can a man not be tempted by you?!”


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