The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Aren’t You Afraid That She Knows Your Past?


A cold voice came from behind.

The man stood up from the corner instantly, his eyes glowing. “It’s my master.”

Claire turned her head.

In the distance, Hunter was walking over with a strange man.

The man was wearing a black shirt with his cuffs half-rolled and his jacket on his arms. He was tall and strong. His steps were elegant, his facial features were chiseled, and his thin, blade-like lips were pursed into a straight line.

This man seemed to be a tough guy.

He should be the so-called master of Paul.

As he approached them, he glanced at Claire coldly and arrogantly. Then he squinted at Paul and frowned. The fierce aura oozing from his bones suffused in the dark night wantonly.

“Come over.”

The overbearing voice was icy.

Paul put away the painful expression and walked to the man’s side, clenching his hands, bowing his head, and looking extremely humble.

The man nodded at Hunter. “I’ll contact you later.”

Then he turned and left.

Paul silently followed behind.

When they walked far away, the man’s angry voice could still be heard. “Don’t talk to others.”

“He’s a nobleman of the Yu Kingdom…” Gallon suddenly appeared next to her, his cheeks flushed from alcohol.

He put his chin on Claire’s shoulder. “The weak guy should be his deacon.”

Smelling a pungent odor of alcohol, Claire turned her head with disgust. “What do you mean?”

Gallon lisped. “The servants of the nobles of the Yu Kingdom are all called deacons, while the deacons have to call the nobles whom they serve ‘Masters’. A deacon can only have one master in his life. Otherwise, he’ll be regarded as a betrayer and executed.”

Claire narrowed her eyes. “It’s really boring.”

Gallon smirked and suddenly leaned close to her ear, and his voice instantly sounded sober. “It is absolutely because of the special effect medicine project that the nobles of the Yu Kingdom would come to the Ye Kingdom. You can try to get some information from Hunter.”

Upon hearing this, Claire frowned.

“Are you guys done talking?”

Hunter strode forward, pushing away Gallon’s head mercilessly, and taking Claire into his arms, looking very unhappy.

Didn’t the little thing notice that he had been staring at them for quite a while? How could she be so intimate with another man in front of his eyes!


As the dinner party ended, the crowds dispersed.

Under the street light, Hunter leaned against the car, his deep dark eyes slightly narrowed, and he looked cold and arrogant. “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Stay away from the little thing.”

Opposite, Gallon was leaning against a street light pole, with arms around his chest, long legs crossed.

He said lazily, “First of all, I’ve known Claire for four years. How long have you known her for? What makes you think you can tell me to stay away from her?”

Hunter curled his thin lips. “Aren’t you afraid that she will get to know about your past?”

“What do you mean?” Gallon’s heart did a flip, and he suddenly had a bad hunch.

Sure enough.

In the next second, Hunter raised his eyebrows and said slowly, “You killed someone.”

“You investigated me?!” Gallon’s eyes instantly turned scarlet as if his old wounds were suddenly pried reopened.

Hunter shrugged with a cold smile on the corners of his lips. “Do I need to do that? Everyone knows it, OK? Only an innocent and stupid girl like the little thing still believes in you. What? Do you want to murder her the way you murdered that poor woman?”

“Shut up!” Gallon could no longer maintain his sanity, rushed forward, grabbed Hunter by the collar. He raised his clenched fist.

The anger in his eyes was mixed with a trace of fear, and even his voice was trembling. “Shut up… I said shut up!”

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