The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Gouge Out Their Own Eyes

“Poor Miss Garcia never woke up from that hypnosis. When she died, she was only twenty years old. At such a young age, she died miserably due to this scum…” The man’s voice was a little choked. “The Garcias were too kind and didn’t hold Gallon accountable, so he only had his doctor’s qualification certificate revoked. From then on, he was like a mouse crossing the street and was spit on by everyone.”

Henry frowned and stared at Gallon in the distance, remaining silent for a long time.

On the sofa, Gallon suddenly elbowed Claire. “Look.”

Claire opened her eyes and followed Gallon’s sight.

In the distance, a conspicuous figure stood amidst the surging crowd.

He was a tall and slender man with exquisite facial features. He was slightly tilting his head as if listening to others. He had a noble temperament and his eyes were covered by white silk.

Gallon smiled and said, “He’s a member of the Menglai Clan.”

Claire looked at the man carefully.

His eyes were the same as Mia Green.

“Why do the members of Menglai Clan blindfold their eyes with white silk?”

“This is their clan rule. They believe that the world is filthy. Seeing things with their eyes will tarnish their pure souls. Therefore, if you want to join the clan, you must gouge out your own eyes.” Gallon explained.

Claire felt it was a little ridiculous. “If they don’t use their eyes to see, what do they use to see?”

Gallon pointed to his heart. “This.”

Claire didn’t speak and closed her eyes again.


Gallon whispered to her. “Don’t approach them. They can put bewitching bugs into your body the moment they pass you.”

Claire had already experienced it.

“But…” Gallon stroked his chin, pondering. “This man can’t be simple.”

Claire asked perfunctorily. “Why do you think so…”

“Two years ago, Emperor You disappeared, and the Menglai Clan began to decline. Most members of the Menglai Clan lived a tough life like your classmate, Mia. But this man could come to such a dinner party, and the people around him seem to be scared yet respectful of him, which shows that his position in the Menglai Clan must be special.”

Claire suddenly sat up straight. “Then my co-existence bewitching bug…”

Gallon snapped his fingers. “That’s what I mean. Maybe he knows how to take that bug out, but you’d better be careful. Never mess with the people of Menglai Clan.”

Claire’s eyes were as deep and dark as those of a spider weaving a net and targeting its prey. Her gaze was locked on the man in the distance as she slowly stroked her heart.

The banquet was still going on.

Gallon had drunk too much champagne and was crumpled on the sofa now.

It was too crowded and noisy in the hall, so Claire sauntered to the back garden to get some fresh air.

Under the moonlight, she suddenly saw a dark shadow hiding in the corner.

Claire frowned and approached.

It was a man. He was very thin and he seemed to be trembling slightly and looked vulnerable.

Claire looked down at him. “Hey, are you okay?”

The man slowly raised his head, revealing a delicate face. His skin was almost sickly white, and his clear eyes were like glass beads dipped in the water. He was shaking gently.

He wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes in a panic, his voice low and weak. “I’m fine… just my stomach is upset.”

Claire tilted her head. “You can go grab a bite.”

He pursed his pale lips, looking a little embarrassed. “Master… doesn’t let me in. I have to wait for him here.”


Claire frowned slightly.

What a weird way of addressing someone!

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