Chapter 116: Don’t Get Involved With Him

Claire lifted her head and looked at the exquisite chandelier above her head, saying slowly, “I’m afraid only the special medicine project can make the mayor help them launder money openly.”

Gallon clinked the goblet with her. “Yes, that’s what I think too.”

“No.” Soon, Claire frowned again. “For such a sensational project, both the Ye Kingdom and the Li Kingdom must have put a lot of investment in it. Logically speaking, money shouldn’t be a problem.”

“But the fund flow of the project is public, and no one dares to do anything to it.” Gallon tilted his head and looked at Claire. “If someone wants to do something secretly but can’t touch the project funds, he can only use this method to secretly make money.”

Claire’s lips curled up and said lazily, “Sure enough, the specific medicine project is not as simple as it seems, and the Gods Organization is also trying to undermine this project, so what is the secret behind this project?”

“Are you interested in digging deeper?” Gallon was somehow excited, leaned closer to her, and asked.

Claire straightened the hair on her forehead, and her red lips opened. “Yes, very much.”

The two smiled at each other and reached a consensus.

Some distance away, Henry Cook noticed Gallon in the corner.

“Oh, Gallon is here?”

Holding his goblet, he was about to go over.

The man beside him showed disgust. “How dare he come to this kind of occasion? Dr. Cook, do you know him?”

Henry smiled gently. “We were classmates in the Department of Psychology of the National Medical University.”

“Oh, no wonder.” The man nodded and hurriedly stopped Henry. “I advise you not to get involved with him.”

Henry was puzzled. “Why?”

The man explained to him. “You went abroad very early, so you don’t know what he has done. Gallon Miller was once the most famous psychologist in the Ye Kingdom. He made his name as soon as he graduated from school at the age of 22. Even the king had given an interview to him. At such a young age, he had easily reached a height that others couldn’t reach in their entire life.”

Henry nodded with a smile and said, “He is indeed excellent. He was number one in every subject in school and was the favorite student of our professor.”

The man sighed. “Unfortunately, he is talented but has bad morals and is too greedy. In the end, his doctor’s qualification certificate was revoked, and he was reduced to the point where he didn’t even dare to show up in public.”

Henry was surprised. “How could this be?”

The man looked around, then moved closer to Henry, and lowered his voice. “Because he murdered Miss Garcia.”

Hearing this, Henry suddenly clenched the goblet in his hand. “Murder?”

The man continued. “Miss Garcia had a psychological problem, which seems to be called bipolar disorder. The Garcias paid a lot of money to hire Gallon to cure her. Unfortunately, Miss Garcia didn’t get better more than half a year later. In the end, do you know what way he used? He actually uses hypnosis!”

Hearing this, Henry looked stunned. “How could he… use such a risky method?!”

He was also a psychiatrist, so he knew how dangerous this method was.

Hypnosis was very dangerous, especially for patients with bipolar disorder.

It was impossible for Gallon not to know it.

So why did he do that?

The man smacked his lips and sighed. “Miss Garcia’s illness attracted national attention. And the Garcias promised that whoever could cure her illness would get an extremely generous remuneration. If Gallon succeeded, he would not only get tons of money, but his status in the psychology field would also rapidly rise, so… to gain money and reputation, this greedy man risked the patient’s life!”