Chapter 115: This Charity Dinner Was Not Simple

Phoebe gritted her teeth and her heart welled up with resentment.

She would not give up!

She would never let Claire touch the things that belonged to her!

There were attendants guarding the door to the banquet hall.

Hunter handed over the invitation letter, and an attendant took it with both hands. Seeing Hunter holding Claire in his arms, he thought that she was Hunter’s female companion.

At this time, Gallon walked over slowly.

The attendant glanced behind him and gave a polite smile. “Do you have a female companion?”

Gallon pointed to Claire. “My female companion.”

Hunter frowned and immediately put his palm on Claire’s head, like a lion protecting its prey.

His eyes were full of vigilance and possessiveness. “She’s mine.”

The attendant was confused.

So whose female companion was this young lady?

“Ok, Ok, she’s yours and can also be mine.” Gallon shrugged at the attendant. “You don’t have the stipulation that two men can’t share the same female companion, right?”

“Well…” The attendant didn’t know how to answer.

There was indeed no such stipulation.

“OK then.” Gallon handed his invitation letter to the attendant and pushed Hunter and Claire to walk forward. “Come on, let’s get in.”

The attendant was dumbfounded. This was the first time he encountered this situation, so he didn’t know whether he should stop them or not.

On the other side, Phoebe came over and handed the invitation letter.

She wouldn’t just give up like that.

As long as she could attend the dinner party, she would still have a chance.

The attendant accepted the invitation, scanned it with an instrument, then put away his smile.

“Sorry, you can’t go in.”

Phoebe became anxious. “Why? I have an invitation letter!”

The attendant replied. “Sorry, the name on this invitation letter is not you, Miss Smith.”

Phoebe opened her mouth but couldn’t utter a word.

So, she couldn’t even enter the banquet hall now?!

“Sorry, please leave.” The attendant said without mercy.

Phoebe’s face turned pale, and she could only walk to the roadside, watching the passing cars go back and forth, and standing in the cold wind alone.

With trembling hands, she took out her cell phone and called Ada.

After the call was connected, Ada asked with a smile. “Phoebe, why did you call me at this time? How do you get along with Hunter? Is the dinner party fun?”

Before Phoebe had time to speak, tears fell first, and she squatted on the ground and cried loudly.

“Mom… Uuuuu…”

Ada was startled. “What’s the matter, Phoebe? What happened to you?”

Hearing her cry, passersby cast her strange looks.

“Who is the one squatting there?”

“She seems to have come to attend the dinner party.”

“She is crying so pitifully…”

“What happened to her?”

Phoebe felt so embarrassed and cried even harder after hearing these comments.

As soon as they entered the banquet hall, Hunter was taken away by Mr. Hopkins.

In the corner, Claire leaned on the sofa, propped her head with one hand and crossed her legs casually.

Her sitting posture was lazy yet elegant.

Gallon picked up the champagne, took a sip and looked around the surroundings with narrowed eyes. He lowered his voice. “This charity dinner is not simple.”

Claire raised her eyebrows, with no expression on her face. “I found out that the prices of the auction items are ridiculously high, and only those few people are bidding, who are obviously cappers.”

Gallon shook the goblet and stared at the liquid colliding inside. “This seems to be a charity dinner but is actually a money laundering event.”

“Money laundering?” This surprised Claire. “Who is it that needs to launder such a large amount of funds?”

Gallon smiled mysteriously. “I think this dinner is actually not hosted by the mayor. There should be a guest who hasn’t shown up yet, the real one behind the scenes.”

“What’s the use of so much money?” Claire became interested.

Gallon shrugged. “Who knows?”