The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Just Continue To Play Cool

Claire raised her head. Her swan neck was long and slender, her small face was fair and tender and flushed with crimson.

Her long eyelashes fluttered like wings. Her eyes were clear and bright, and the corners of her cherry lips were slightly curved up.

Under the moonlight, she was like a rose with thorns, exuding a breath of fatal temptation.

Hunter didn’t look at her. With a straight face, he put a pair of shoes in front of her and said coldly. “Put them on.”

Claire took them, and walked to the flowerbed in the distance to sit down and change shoes.

“Miss Claire is really gorgeous…” Mr. Hopkins couldn’t help exclaiming.

Suddenly, Hunter clutched his heart and fell on the seat.

Mr. Hopkins was horrified. “Mr. Johnson, what’s the matter with you!”

Hunter frowned, his expression extremely painful. “Heart… my heart…”

“What’s wrong with you? Are you having a heart attack?!”

But Mr. Johnson did not suffer from heart disease!

Mr. Hopkins hurriedly found his cell phone and wanted to call for emergency services.

Hunter pulled his collar open fiercely as if he couldn’t breathe. His pupils constricted and his thin lips opened. His voice was squeezed from his throat with difficulty. “Too… too beautiful… My heart can’t bear it…”


Mr. Hopkins’s cell phone fell to the ground.

Was Mr. Johnson teasing him?

Did he have to be so dramatic?

Mr. Hopkins helped Hunter up, speechless.

Hunter grasped his hand, his cold eyes filled with consternation, and he asked in a deep voice. “How can there be a creature as beautiful as the little thing in the world? How can I continue to be angry with her?”

The man rubbed his temple, feeling very irritable. “I’m going crazy…”

Mr. Hopkins chuckled.

‘Then just surrender to her charm, Mr. Johnson.’

On the other side, Claire changed her shoes and walked to the car. The hem of her skirt was dancing with the wind, and every step she walked looked extremely elegant.

In the car, Hunter leaned back and propped his chin with his hands, his handsome face still cold.

Mr. Hopkins looked at him and shook his head.

Fine, just continue to play cool.

Claire squinted at the man, already running out of patience. “Are you coming out or not?”

Mr. Hopkins opened the car door.

Hunter got out of the car slowly, looking handsome and graceful.

Gallon walked over slowly, putting a hand on Claire’s shoulder. “What are you waiting for? The banquet is about to start.”

With no expression on his face, Hunter pushed away Gallon’s hand, and then dragged Claire into his arms, and walked forward with her.

Gallon curled his lips in disgust.

Outside the banquet hall

In the cold night wind, Phoebe hunched her shoulders, her lips pale with cold and her body trembling. She could only rub her arms to stay warm, but she was still looking around eagerly and expectantly.

After a long time, she finally saw the tall figure of the man appear. A flame of hope jumped up in her eyes. She lifted the hem of her dress and ran forward.

However, when she noticed the girl in Hunter’s arms, her smile instantly stiffened.

It was Claire!

Claire also raised her eyes at this moment.

The two looked at each other.

Claire glanced at Phoebe and immediately understood.

It turned out that it was because of Phoebe that Ada suddenly became so considerate and took the invitation letter from her?

As the two passed each other, Claire narrowed her eyes and raised the corners of his lips.


Phoebe looked at the backs of Hunter and Claire, which looked perfect together. She pinched the corners of her dress.

Her nose was sore, her eyes turned red, and she was angry and aggrieved.

The night wind blew over her, bringing along a biting chill.

She stood alone on the roadside, almost crying out loud.

The long-anticipated dinner party turned out to be such a heartbreaking moment.

How much effort had she put in for tonight? But it was all ruined.

Claire was to blame!

It was all because of Claire!

It was Claire who took everything from her, and now she was even taking away the man whom she loved!